Acne is the most common skin problem that affects most of the people during their puberty and sometimes even tends to continue to their adult phase as well. Acne can be frustrating at times since the skin becomes sensitive to most of the creams or cosmetics and the best moments of life can be ruined with this condition. Most of the teens fight with acne as it tends to affect their confidence levels and also causes pain inflation at a time besides depriving the skin of its natural beauty.What causes acne?
Acne is the primary sign of reaching puberty in teens who go through hormonal changes. And there are multiple factors that induce the outbreak of acne. Acne is small reddish pimples or bumps that appear in clusters mostly in the cheeks and forehead part of the face. The infection sometimes also flourishes due to bacterial outbreak on skin surface. It is important to treat acne as it can damage the skin to the extent of causing permanent scars if left untreated.

How to treat Acne?
Acne can be treated with topical application creams, and it is always advisable to consult a specialist in the early stages of acne since it can be regulated without causing further damage. Usually, topical creams containing topical retinoids or benzoyl peroxides are prescribed at time oral anti-biotics are also suggested.Acne is not a disease and since it is a skin condition developed it can be treated completely. Consult our skincare experts to help you advise relevant medication for treating Acne. Book your appointment now or walk into our clinic in Kukatpally, Hyderabad.

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