This weekly column is a portion of a book soon to be published under the title, “Acquire Confidence: What Confident People Do That You Can Do Too!” When the book is complete it will have six sections with several of the columns as a part of each section.

The following is a summary of each section:

Purpose for Living: Every living person is here for a purpose. While most people spend most of their lives only sucking up air and taking up space, you will notice that self-confident people know who they are and why they are here. You will realize that “who you are” is all you need to be, and that envying someone else is wasted effort. Your quirks and distinctive character traits are what make you stand out. You will discover how YOU to celebrate and build on them and thereby live on purpose. You will come to understand that life has meaning and purpose not only while you are here but also in your life to come.

Prepare for Action: Your purpose must be pursued. No one gets good at anything without practice. Practice takes time, effort, coaching, and a good attitude. It is called preparation. When both mind and body have been properly prepared for action, confidence follows, success follows. In this section you will learn how to get really good at what you are already pretty good at!

Protect Your Mind: Graffiti is not something that is found only on walls and railroad cars. There is also “graffiti of the mind.” That is the nasty, nettlesome, negative messages insecure people repeatedly bombard themselves with. In this section you will learn how to protect you mind, to feed your faith and starve your fears, to take positive action, and to be self-constructive.

Proceed Forward: Perhaps the greatest inhibitor of success is inertia. Successful people don’t sit still, they constantly move forward. Confidence will come to you when you take a step forward, when you try something new, when you face your fears. In this section you will learn to do what confident people do, how to deal with mistakes and how to take risks that bring the great rewards.

Persevere Always: On your journey to self-confidence you will find some bad weather along the way, several bumps in the road and sometimes some dangerous detours. Confident people see past the diversions and discomforts, trials and troubles and push through to success. In this section you will see precisely how confident people always persevere.

Program Your Priorities: The final section of the book brings you full circle to reconnect you with your Purpose for Living.  Here you will be taught how to set the proper priorities so you fulfill your unique purpose for living.

Join me each week right here for another “Kick in the Pants” and another column that will help you Acquire Confidence!

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