Needless to say, you would possibly need more Twitter followers to boost traffic or enhance business opportunities. Well, you have your reasons.

The term ‘Organic’ is an important phrase in this article. Organic result is very healthy and desirable. For instance, in a search, organic result pays off well than paid results. With inbound marketing, your results are enhanced, compared to pushing sales and chasing business – you also feel peace within.

You should carry on this mentality to the Twitter platform. Although this would take a longer time, but you will achieve a firm and valuable following that grows naturally with the right foundation.

Looking for a way to grow your Twitter following organically? Here are valuable tips:

  • Understand your niche
    This is simply paying attention and having understanding about the mode of your community’s movement on Twitter. Find out who the real leaders are, the type of content that is being shared, the widely sought-after blogs and the rest. Work out ways you can be an active participant, add value and enhance the present conversation. In essence, see how you can outdo the leaders and direct the attention to yourself.
  • Be Creative/Resourceful
    No doubts, it helps to share less of your content and more of others’ – but most importantly, the content you share should be the ones that are most valuable and most relevant to your network – it is not enough throwing in links just because they look like what is obtainable in your niche. When you constantly post valuable stuff, it would generate a lot of retweets and make you an authority in your network.
  • Create Content that Users would Love to Share
    Before you create any content, consider if the content would be appealing to people, to the extent that they would want to share it in their own network. When your posts are insightful and bring solution to issues in your industry, people would not hesitate to share such posts since they are also working towards being resourceful in their own network. And, if rockstars in your market niche happen to be the ones sharing your posts, such posts can travel like wildfire! Those who share your content would ultimately become your followers and even ‘list’ you sometimes.
  • Stay Focused on Your Field
    You will only be constituting a nuisance by dabbling into a field you have little or no knowledge about. Remain in your field where you can add value to others in your niche using your expertise. You can minimally retweet what another field’s tweeter posts; anything contrary can make you lose your credibility and the high esteem people have already conferred to you, and they may start ignoring your tweets – so stay in your field.
  • Be a Smart Follower – Follow Less
    You will not go far by indulging in random following – it doesn’t matter whether all you are trying to do is to point some traffic back to your webpage – these people couldn’t hold you in high esteem. The right thing to do is to spot the right persons, lay your hands on existing conversations, and provide answers to questions raised. Even though the process appears slow, it would eventually connect you with the right people.

Other organic ways to acquire quality Twitter following include engaging in conversations, managing your tweets effectively, email signatures, offline promotion, inviting people to follow you on your blog and avoiding auto-responders.

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