Overcome The #1 - Productivity Mistake


This article is primarily for any coach that’s trying to make a full-time living from being a coach and that also has to market and promote their coaching services and products.

I'm sure that you're going to agree with me that if this is you, the amount of information you’re offered every day can be mind boggling!

So What's The #1 Productivity Mistake?

The #1 productivity mistake that too many coaches make is attempting to become an ‘info-sponge.’

By info-sponge I mean that you try to read, listen or watch everything you can get your hands on. While on the surface this may appear admirable, in actual fact it wastes so much of your precious time!

Does this describe you and how you behave?

What’s The Solution?

The solution is that you should practice ‘selective focus.’

Selective focus allows you to systematically deal with the vast amount of information that’s all too readily available to you wherever you may happen to be.

To practice selective focus and to get the best results, you should only read or invest in material that you know you can use NOW on your current business or client projects.

Your bran can cope with a lot more information than you're currently feeding it, so in a way, 'information overload' isn't actually real.

But this doesn't mean that you've got to fill it up with information you don't really need.

Selective Focus + Implementation = Productivity

The best way to leverage what you now know is to practice selective focus with acting on what you know.

When you combine selective focus with implementation you're going to be unstoppable.

Unless what you learn is reinforced regularly, you'll very quickly forget what is what all about in the first place.

Studies show that after 60 minutes, you forget 50% of it. After 9 hours you'll have forgotten 60%. After a month you’ll have forgotten a staggering 80% of what you learnt!”

Next Steps

What this means for you to become more productive is this.

If you’re not going to use something for the next 90 days in your coaching business, then you really shouldn’t invest in it or read, watch or listen to it now.

You can do it - Give it a try and see for yourself.

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