Hello Love,

The spring days are in full bloom and my heart is filled with gratitude and certainty as we transition into a period which shall provide us with a deep understanding for what is next for on a personal, professional and emotional level.

Our eagle eyes and our warm heart shall lead us every step of the way. As our feet dig into the earth and ground us before we make our next move. Taking time to play in the garden shall inspire laughter and creativity while we let our troubles melt away.

SELF: Reconnecting with you. . .

What have you been waiting for?

Deep breaths as we move forward after a period where communication was lead astray. Many felt the emotional turbulence on one level or the next. As we make our next move into a period of time which shall be filled with many magical days.

A brief pause during this transition shall lead us all forward with clarity and understanding of the vision we do wish to hold onto. Taking time to reconnect with our inner voices shall realign US with the TRUTH that stands within all of US.

Deep heart breaths releasing the tension, fear and the disconnect shall unify our voices in the truth. While we shed old ideals and perceptions. . .welcome in the most powerful force, LOVE, to lead us home on this most magical day.

Soil: The Flowers are Blooming...

the magic of the garden

Stillness at the Break,
of a New Day.
A breath of air,
Leading the way.

Illusions melt
What would you trade?
For Freedom to Roam,
Laugh and Play.

Devour the landscape
Resurrect the
Memories which have
Begun to fade.

The flower nourishes
the purity, the sanctity
and the remembrance
of the divine fragrance.

Dancing within US...
Simplicity rises with
the warmth of a flame.

Igniting the perfection
the magic unfolds
in every direction.

Society: Breaking the RULES.

The Dalia Lama said, "Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly." We took his advise and climbed on statues, ran through the fountain, and ate from the public garden in Scottsdale, Arizona last week. The laughter and the joy that filled all our hearts exceeded the number of glares and scolding remarks we received. Please share with me the rules you like to break, email them to me at suzanne@omtoro.com.

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.Truth in LOVE!
In Service with love, laughter and peace,
Suzanne Toro