Many rave reviews and magazine articles have been already written about Active Autowerkes Turbo Kits and these kits and their many successors since have become well known for their clever bolt-on engineering, durability, affordable pricing and of course their ability to breathe fire into the everyday BMW and its owner. No longer a brand known just around Florida, today’s Active Autowerke is known worldwide for its line of flawlessly engineered and manufactured performance parts for the entire Beemer. The best know are its Turbo Chargers for BMW. As new models and challenges continue to be born, Active Autowerke continues to invent and deliver world class; new ideas and innovations that make them run better.

Product Information (M3 turbo kits):

Active’s most comprehensive system to date, engineered to produce smooth effortless power with minimal turbo lag, maintaining all of the BMW's inherent qualities including form and function. Active proudly introduces the E36 M3 turbo kit with a substantial increase in power over stock and all accomplished through a bolt on procedure. This 380HP @7.5 Psi boost & 398HP @8.5 Psi boost, system is controlled with the factory Siemens ECU and 6 larger injectors. There are still more in line. Below are some best in industry Turbo Kits available from Active Autowerke:

Active Autowerkes Motor Stage 2 Turbo Kit BMW Z3 M3 97-99.
Active Autowerkes Stage 1 Turbo Kit BMW M3 96-99.
Active Autowerkes Stage 1 Turbo Kit BMW 325i/M3 92-95.
Active Autowerkes Stage 2 Turbo Kit BMW 325i/M3 92-95.
Active Autowerkes Stage 2 Turbo Kit BMW M3 96-99.

These Turbo Kits for BMW Includes:

500hp Proven Large Front Mounted Intercooler.
AA modified Mitsubishi TDO6 Hybrid Turbo.
Hi-Flow Short Ram Intake System.
38mm External Wastegate with custom fabricated piping.
CNC Machined Intake Reducer.
An electronic boost controller is included with the turbo kit, turbo timer and boost gauge.
Also Includes all necessary hardware and fittings, includes installation instructions.
Stainless Steel Turbo downpipe with 02 Sensors.

Simplicity and serviceability were the main objectives while designing these Turbo Kits. The two greatest objectives which were achieved are; first, to weed out all the “fussy” little problems that have thus far kept forced induction systems for the BMW from being either acceptable or successful. Secondly, to build a system correct in both ways i.e. technically and functionally. The simplicity, elegance and component quality of M3 turbo solve all these problems and create many happy owners.

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