Rhabdomyolysis is a serious medical condition in which muscle cells that have been torn and damaged enter the bloodstream and cause problems in the normal functioning of kidneys. Rhabdomyolysis can be fatal as the muscle proteins that get into the blood can cause kidney damage. There are many causes found for this medical condition, especially those related to physical trauma. Yet, many drug side effects and drug interactions have been found to cause rhabdomyolysis. Actos or pioglitazone, a drug used to treat diabetes, has also been reported to be causing rhabdomyolysis as side effect.

When Actos was approved to be sold in the markets, the drug proved as an effective treatment for people suffering from Type II diabetes. Initially, Actos was suggested to be safer than most of its placebos, but in the year 2010 many studies revealed some of the sever side effects of the drug. Apart from rhabdomyolysis, use of Actos was shown to be increasing the risks developing bladder cancer, heart failure and even death.

As the complaints started piling up and newer studies supported them, Actos was recalled from many places in July 2011. The manufacturers, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, were alleged for the severe and irreversible loss patients had faced due to Actos intake.

InFrancealone, the number of people who suffered such serious side effects stood as much as 230,000. After complaints came the shower of lawsuits against the manufacturing company. Most of the lawsuits alleged that there were no warning signals or side effects mentioned when they were administered the drug.

People taking Actos compared to other placebos were found to be at very high risk of developing bladder cancer. However, may studies also found significant number of cases where rhabdomyolyis and kidney damage were caused by taking Actos for longer durations. A recent warning by FDA even suggested that patients, who took Actos for a year, were more prone to develop this fatal complication compared to those who took this drug for a smaller time.

FDA then made it obligatory for the drug manufacturers to issue proper warnings that can help people get aware about the associated risks before starting this drug. There were revisions made in the medication guide of Actos to make patients and healthcare experts aware about the complications and contraindications.

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