Actress Anna Moore Talks About How Performing Artist Can Inspire Individuals for Better

Have you ever watched a play, TV show, or film and felt outrageously moved by the performance? You're deeply inspired, you care about the characters, you feel their anguish and their victories, and you become submerged in a different universe for an hour or two. Now imagine that you worked at this creation, that you're performing in it as a character or working backstage or in the design crew. You would have been immersed in those characters’ lives for quite a long time, months, even. As an actor, you actually carry on with your life outside of work; however, consistently, you step into the shoes of another person, you investigate what it’s like to live in another place, at an alternate time, with an alternate family, and with various issues. You realize what it’s like to be someone else. The significance of this ability is difficult to state as it has such huge and enduring implications; however, understanding it gets to the core of why youngsters exploring the performing arts master the art of positivity in their lives.

Empathy is a powerful lesson that you learn from performing arts. "Zeroing in on human conflicts encourages us to see things from the perspective of other people,” says Anna Moore, the incredible Actress and Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle spokesmodel. “We see ourselves in the individuals who once appeared to be so different for us, and we begin to fabricate a comprehension of how interconnected we as a whole are.” she adds.

Having studied Classical Theater and Shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, UK, and at the International Theater Workshop in Amsterdam, NL, Moore came into the limelight while performing opposite Uma Thurman in the feature film ‘The Life Before Her Eyes,’ directed by Vadim Perelman. Anna was exceptionally praised for her role "Alice" in the feature film Fighting Fish, which later made her earn many honors, including "Best Actress in a Feature Film" at the Domani Vision Film Festival (New York City) and "Best Picture" at the La Femme Film Festival Los Angeles, CA. Below, the dynamic actress talks about how performing artists have a duty to play in society.

Anna reveals that as an artist, she has traveled to numerous nations around the globe over the last few years. “Working as a performing artist has given me exposure to diverse outlooks and acquainted me with a huge scope of really varying perceptions, feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Having the option to partake in worldwide acting projects and experiences has significantly influenced the quality of my performances, driving me to indulge in my workmanship in a manner that connects with varying people on an individual level,” she says.

Anna Moore believes that one of the incredible difficulties today is that we frequently feel untouched by the issues of others and by global issues like environmental change, even when we have the power to do something about it. “We are all a part of the same global community, part of a larger we. Giving individuals access to stories helps us feel engaged, and poised for action. This is the place where performance art can have an impact. Performance art can connect audiences with their senses, body, and brain. It can make the world a more deeply connected and feeling place. Inspired films, plays, and shows spur audiences into deeper thinking, commitment, and action,” she expresses.

Moore further believes that artists have a unique responsibility to perpetuate positive, uplifting stories. “I accept that one of my significant purposes in life is to help individuals genuinely connect with their emotions,” she concludes.

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