In our life, there are so many moments we come across. One of the most important one is our wedding ceremony of course. When it comes to the wedding, we want those moments to be captured in a special way. Because it is one of the unforgettable memories of our lifetime. For this reason, we need the best photographers for capturing those moments. Singapore offers the best photography and photographers to have this moment. A wedding starts with a pre wedding shoot. A pre wedding photography in Singapore will take you back to the pre-wedding wobbles and the moment when your partner came up with a big question of marrying with you. The pictures will always highlight the depth love between you and your partner? You just need to select the location you first met with your companion or a favorite spot depending on your preference in Singapore. The rest of your requests will be taken care of by the photographers. They will shoot the best candid moments in a creative way. Singapore is really gifted with many highly privileged and famous photographers and photography studios which are worth hiring. You are definitely provided the best service possible.

All the people in your family will participate and play a special role in your wedding. Because wedding is a gathering for friends and family members where they all celebrate the new relationship established. It is not only the bond for two people but also the bond for new family members and friends. So every moment of a minute should be captured in the frame to take you back to those memories.

Let’s find for you the best photographers or photography studios to capture your special moments. The actual day photographer in Singapore will charge you approximately $3000. Actually, it varies according to the different specifications of your choice. Some of them prefer the optimum for a wedding package which includes the photography as well while others prefer hiring individual photographers. You can find below some of the top 5 details for the Actual day wedding photographer Singapore.

- Dphotofolio : The couples enjoy them a lot because they are good at capturing the fun moments of the couples. They offer you a lot of joyful ideas. They charge around 1,800 SGD for 16 hours. The cost may change according to the request of the clients. They provide one of the best services of Wedding photographer Singapore.

- 12 Loves : It is handled by Sam and Kevin.They are in this business for many years. They have a huge demand in Singapore. Their service may cost you around 600 dollars to 800 dollars.They are also famous for taking Family Photography during the weddings. They charge on an hourly basis.

- Simplifai Studios : They are a team of photographers and videographers under the director of Fai, who is famous for capturing Malay weddings.They are in high demand for outdoor photo shoots. Their outdoor shots are very classy and are captured with magnificent beauty. Their rate varies from 2000 to 4000 dollars. They also provide service for overseas shoots where they charge you around 3000 to 7000 dollars, according to the destinations you choose.

- Tinydot Photography : As the name suggests their service is not small at all. They have a team of five photographers who have won many accolades by their wedding photography skills. They charge around 1800 to 3200 dollars for the wedding day photography.

- Chris Ling International : Their studio has been providing services for around 20 years in Singapore and they have the best portfolios in this business. They have their own studio, which is really big and very famous in Singapore. They charge around 2600 to 5000 dollars for a wedding day.

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Dphotofolio is a photography studio in Singapore. We are providing indoor & Portrait Photography Singapore, family photography and outdoor photoshoot Singapore. Visit our studio 11 Woodlands Cl, #07-19, Singapore 737853 for more details.