I've got a serious topic for us today.

I know you've considered this before, but let's take a thought at it anyway: have you ever really thought about the fact that life offers you one chance? The same as everyone else—one chance.

By the way, even if you believe in reincarnation, as I understand it, you still don't have consciousness and awareness of your other lives. One at a time… One chance. When you really think about that for a moment… Wow! Why hold back? Leave your mark. You're an ambitious person, or you wouldn't be reading this article.

You need to ask yourself—we all do, as ambitious people trying to stay on track—"Am I doing what I came to do?" Another way to ask that is, "If they took me from the world today, could I say I'd really lived? Did I give my one chance in eternity my everlasting hardest try?" How would you answer that? Could you answer that?

Here's what we know—the whole universe, the HoloCosm, works on the Law of Cause and Effect. And if you're not on target, if you haven't done the deep meditation, the focus, the mind mapping, the trying things out, the integrity checks, then you're wasting your one chance.

If you haven't done that and gotten to where you're contributing in a way that is uniquely you, so that you're enjoying and sucking the juice out of life through actualization—then you're the one who is holding back the greater good that is ready and willing, and wanting, to come to you.

See, the HoloCosm is. The HoloCosm works. It's just that each of us, even though we didn't receive an operating manual when we were born, is going to get from that medium what we put into it.

And if you can't give a positive answer to those questions yet—"I am living to my fullest potential, I am contributing to people!"… If you can't do that, then you have an issue with the cause.

Because the riches, the fulfillment, the actualization, the relationships, the good that you do, the good that you feel, the places you travel, the things and toys and investments that you enjoy, are all results. They come as a reward, a consequence, a result of the actions you put into motion.

And yes, the most fully actualizing people are the rich.

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