Acupuncture for Infertility Treatment: Acupuncture Used As An Infertility Treatment

Acupressure is one of the oldest methods used for treatment of infertility. It has been found that acupuncture can improve and enhance both follicular and ovarian functions and thus treat infertility problems. The lining of the uterus also known as the endometrium benefits from acupressure as it causes the blood flow to increase resulting in a much richer lining. It also has a healing and calming effect on the body as is usually done for at least three to four months before surgeries such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), or donor-egg transfer. Patients are found to be much more relaxed and results have been found to be positive after performing this procedure.

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The main principal of acupuncture is that all human beings are made of energy and there are specific points in the human body that are more responsive to stress than others. If at any point of time, energy is unable to flow freely through these specific points, then it might result in several problems such as health conditions and even infertility. To stimulate these points and to rejuvenate them, needles are used which make sure that these points are made active and to establish a free flow of energy. Once these points are active and responding, then it results in a sense of harmony throughout the body and eliminates all illnesses and infertility problems.

A large percentage of miscarriages occur in the first three months of pregnancy, hence in order to make sure that women stay calm and relaxed through the entire course of pregnancy during the course of vitro fertilization (IVF), or donor-egg transfer, acupressure is given from the first week to the twelfth week to prevent miscarriage. It is also very important that the acupressurist does not use needles in the abdomen and pelvic areas during insemination. There are six definite points in the body that should be carefully guarded and should not be used for acupressure when a woman is pregnant. These points include Large Intestine 4, Spleen 6, Gallbladder 21, Stomach 12, Bladder 60 and Bladder 67.

Acupressure is also widely used for infertile treatment. If incorrect acupressure points are used to perform acupressure on a pregnant woman, then there is a great risk of miscarriage. Hence, it is very important that people who want to include acupuncture as a part of their daily or regular regime, even when pregnant should make sure that they get it done only from an acupuncturist who is a specialist in dealing with fertility disorders. All kinds of fertility disorders can be treated with the help of acupuncture. If spasmed tubes are present, then they can be de-spasmed with the help of acupuncture. However, blocked tubes do not react to acupuncture. Usually, both herbs and acupuncture are used as a combination to treat regular loss of pregnancy, increased levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), idiopathic infertility, hyperprolactinemia, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and anovulation. Acupuncture is a licensed profession in many of the states in U.S.

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When you decide to get pregnant, you need to understand what is accruing during conception that is not one singular event but a combination of several events. In every month your body's hormones stimulate the ovaries to release an egg when you ovulate. Preparing for pregnancy involves a lot of things your mind and your body get ready to conceive and you look forward to have a baby. When you are planning to conceive, you'll find this is the easiest thing in the world, but after trying for several months or years you'll find it is the hardest thing in the world. So, for some women conceiving as easy as tossing the coin and for some other this is the most difficult task of their life. However, here are some most amazing tips are given below which will really help you in getting pregnant as fast as possible and this is very easy to do at home. Just have a look below-

• Men should ejaculate in every two to three days- here is an advice that when you try to conceive, you do not need to have sex more often than once 48 hours. Men should try to ejaculate at least once every two to three days.

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• Stay in bed for a while- a women who is trying to get conceive fast need to stay lying down for half an hour after intercourse to avoid any leakage of sperm.

• Try to elevate your hips- if you do not want to take any risk of getting pregnant fast, you should place a pillow under the women hips after having sex. It may prevent from the leakage of sperm and the chance of conceiving may increase.

• Keep your testicles cool- a man need to keep his testicles cool for making his partner pregnant. Exposure to extreme heat can be the reason of death of sperms.

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"I want to get pregnant fast"-This is exactly what lingering in the minds of women decided to start a family. It is really exiting that a woman gets pregnant fast. For some women, it may develop anxiety when it is prolonging beyond one year to get the result for fertilized egg. You are probably anxious to know How to get pregnant fast and start your family with a lovable baby. Some women are getting pregnant fast within a year as soon as they enter the family life, while it is not so with many others.

If you are always aiming to get the things done in time as planned, it is good and a welcome for your progress. Can it work well in the matter of a woman becoming a mother for a new baby in her womb? No magic can perform this wonder and bless her with a baby. You will have to wait because there are plenty of things you can try to help speed Mother Nature. There are ways to get pregnant as you desire provided your partner cooperates with you for a joint endeavor. Here is the secret described with some tips for getting pregnant faster than you could have imagined.

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The first thing you have to remember is the ovulation days of your menstrual cycle. If you know exactly your ovulation period, you should not miss these days to have intercourse with your partner. Ovulation occurs mostly fourteen days before your period. It will be highly safe and successful that you are sharing your bed on alternative days with your partner by following your Pregnancy Ovulation Calendar. If you miss these days, the chances are to keep you wait and try again next month. Tracking of your ovulation increases your odds of trying to get pregnant.

If you do not know when you are ovulating and it happens to miss these days, it can increase your odds of missing precious days to conceive fast for your dream baby. This can be a bit frustrating for you and your partner to wait, but don't be worried because you have blessing chances in the months to come. There are two methods to have a sure shot of your partner's sperm to connect with your egg and be blessed with pregnancy.

The first option can be very fun, but a tedious one for your partner to agree for it. You and your partner have to agree for bed course on all the days of the menstrual month. You can skip over those days of menstrual period since the chances for conceiving are very rare during these days. The other option is to calculate the exact ovulation days and not to miss those days to have intercourse without fail. You can have ovulation calculator to track your most fertile period of cycle for sure conception.

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I often hear from women who are trying to conceive a boy baby. Some of the more common topics are foods, nutrition, and diet. Most people suspect that what you eat can have an impact over which gender you ultimately conceive. This perception is true. But, it's usually not as simple as adding a few foods to your diet and hoping for the best. To have the best results, you'll often have to have a very deliberate and methodical approach so that you aren't just guessing. I will discuss this more in the following article.

The Reason That Foods And Diet Can Affect Whether You Have A Boy Or A Girl Baby: Before I get into specific foods, I want to briefly explain the reason behind this whole theory. Certain surroundings are friendly or beneficial to the sperm that produce a certain gender. For example, the Y sperm which produce boys do not thrive when acidity is involved. This is their worst case scenario. So, to give them the best chance for success, you are better off introducing an alkaline environment.

But, if you are trying for a girl baby, then just the opposite is true. While the X producing sperm (which produce girls) is more hardy and can basically get by in either environment, you are better off focusing on acidity because you are wanting to discourage or deteriorate the boy producing sperm. Making yourself more acidic in one way to do this. So to recap, for a girl you want to be acidic and for a boy you want to be alkaline.

The Alkaline Foods To Eat When You're Trying To Get Pregnant With A Baby Boy: Basically, you want to consume alkaline rather than acidic foods. And, you don't want to place any caloric limitations on yourself because studies have shown us that a higher number of calories favors producing boy babies. (However, the statistics aren't so compelling that you need to put on any weight in order to achieve this.)

Now generally speaking, you will sometimes hear that fruits and vegetables are alkaline while meats and dairy are acidic. This is true for some of the foods in both categories, but there are always exceptions to this rule so it's important to be careful. (And it's even better to test this out for yourself.) For example, while lemons and watermelon are examples of highly alkaline fruits and vegetables, blueberries and plums fall into the acidic category.

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Some examples of fruits and vegetables that are desirable and alkaline are things like apricots, spinach, raisins, lima beans, peaches, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes, and cantaloupe. Some examples of acidic foods that you want to avoid are things like blueberries, asparagus, whole grains and bread, corn, cheeses, milk, nuts, and many meats.

The Cooking And Metabolizing Process Can Affect Whether A Food Is Alkaline Or Acidic In Your Particular Case: There are many things that affect whether a food is ultimately acidic or alkaline to the particular person who is eating it. Examples are things like it's freshness or ripeness and whether it is cooked or not. Also, some foods start out acidic but become alkaline once they are metabolized in the body. Lemons are one example. (But this applies to lemons that were fresh when picked. Things get a bit dicey when the fruit is picked when not yet ripe and then ripens in the store.)

Since there are many variables that go into how a food is metabolized, I often tell people that it's best to start out with a good food list but to test things for themselves. With PH testing strips, you can take your reading before a meal and then take it again after you eat to see if you are actually getting the results that you are hoping for. Everyone is different. A good food list is a great place to start, but you can typically do even better than this by testing to make sure that you are getting the reading and reaction that you need to get the baby boy that you want. Also, adding douching to the changes in your diet can often bring about more dramatic results.

I often tell people that making guesses when you are trying to chose your baby's gender is the absolutely worst thing that you can do. Guessing about your ovulation day or whether you have a an acidic or alkaline reading is not optimal, especially when you can easily check these things to make sure that you are right. The testing strips are inexpensive enough that you really should try to incorporate them into your regimen.

Taking It Even Further: Acidity is important. But, you will also need to look at when and how you conceive. The timing of when you conceive (as this relates to ovulation) and which sexual positions that you use can also affect your baby's gender. So, you will likely also want to look at timing and positioning as well as the foods that you consume and your diet.

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