Acute Sinusitis: Reasons, Symptoms and Diagnosis

The clinical ENT Doctors in Mumbai offer comprehensive treatment for the Ear, Throat and Nasal divisions of our persona. These treatments involve advanced consultations and relevant surgical care. The doctors are normally teamed up in the best clinics in the city where they could have access to the best kinds of technological facilities. In these clinics, the best ENT specialists from Mumbai carry out several routines and complicated surgical procedures through the use of endoscopic methods. The surgical options in combating diseases in Ear, Nasal and Vocal streams include combined skull-base surgeries, micro ear/micro laryngeal surgeries, nasal/laryngeal/oesophageal endoscopies, and surgery for deafness.

Some of the acute ENT diseases treated in Mumbai, include:

Acute Sinusitis

The sign and symptoms of the disease include headache in the morning, cough, inflammation around the eyes, and feeling of stuffiness. When things like these prevail these are mistakenly taken as symptoms of a cold. But the experience will reveal no-use of the medicines. Then the patient consults a doctor who patiently listens to the symptoms. Snuffing something purgatory, the doctor suggests some testing. From the result of the physical examination previously held and the result of the diagnosis, the doctor left to hesitation to declare the symptoms belong to sinusitis.


Sinusitis may arise due to various inflictions. These might be anyone that gives out inflammation in the sinus membrane and can keep the cilia from moving can result in sinusitis. The major hues that may give rise to sinusitis include

Allergies, including Allergy to fungi
Change in temperature and air pressure
Using too much of decongested nasal spray. This is seen to enhance as it increases the swelling of sinuses once it is stopped
Swimming & diving
Growth of polyps (small non-cancerous growth) in the sinus region
Bacterial or viral infection
Cold, as the cold virus attacks the sinus and results in swelling & blockage
Untreated acute sinusitis
Structural abnormality

Enlarged adenoids (mass of tissue that destroys the pathogens entering into nasopharynx region)
Weak immune system


The most common symptom for sinusitis is a headache in the morning just after waking. This may also be experienced while bending. Fever may or might not accompany the pain in cervical position. The person might experience pain, swelling, and tenderness in the forehead, nose, and cheeks. The area in between the eyes may also expose to such experience. There could be nasal secretion that appears in Yellow and green; such secretion may be blood-tinged too.

Sinusitis patients may have a reduced sense of smell and taste. They may complain of nasal congestion as well as a stuffy nose. The presence of a postnasal drip might also be there. This is caused by drainage at the back of the throat. Mucus discharge from the nose is also a symptom of Sinusitis.

Many people complain about a cough that worsens at night. Teeth ache and bad breaths too are to be taken seriously as these might be symptoms of sinusitis.


To diagnose sinusitis, the ENT Doctors in Mumbai undergo a detailed physical examination of the esophagus and nostrils of the patient. When symptoms do not lead to a conclusive diagnosis for sinusitis, then the doctor might go for suggesting tomography scanning to check the presence of sinusitis.

There are several associated conditions for sinusitis like HIV. Blood tests are conducted to rule out the possibilities of such a presence. A biopsy is conducted for examining the condition of the tissues lining the EN regions.

Endoscopy might also be suggested to view the sinus region. An endoscope is inserted through the nose. The patient is kept under local anaesthesia. The view of the inner sinus region makes the doctor able to viewing the sinus region.

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