The increasing popularity of slate flooring is apparent all around us today, with hotels and big businesses using the natural material to carpet their floors. If you are looking to add a touch of nature to your home there is no better way to do it than to opt for slate tiles. They provide the home with a natural look and feel that blends extraordinarily well with many interior design styles, the overall look all depends on the way in which you use slate rock and incorporate other accessories in your home.

Slate is an original material created by mother nature, not in a factory warehouse, with many fantastic qualities that are not found in man-made materials. It is of outstanding strength and can easily take the weight of any furnishings from a queen size bed to a piano. Allowing you to decorate your home with bulky furniture and heavy antique pieces.

It is easy to lay such flooring on any type of surface and the slabs are available in square and rectangular pieces, or you can create a different design by using various different pieces. This style can be employed to create a unique look, a beautiful mosaic design would greatly compliment the look of a living room. The best strategy to determine what will look best to suit you particular décor is to draw your idea on a sheet of graph paper, imagine that the paper is your floor and make the design of your choice using squares and rectangles.

Once you have decided on, or created your own design, there are other factors to consider such as the colour. Many home owners are unaware of the marvellous colours, textures and patterns that the slabs are available in, thinking only of a dull grey colour. Where in actual fact they are available in a multitude of attractive and vibrant options from sky blue to brick red. If you have a creative personality you can really let your imagination run wild with the wide range of colours coupled with your very own design.

An added bonus that comes with the option of slate flooring is the fact that it is very low maintenance, and very rarely has to be cleaned as it is highly resilient to moisture and dirt. Such a floor will prove to be more or less indestructible, being the perfect investment for any room within your home, whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, living room, stairs, or patio, there are no other materials quite as versatile toward their placement in you property.

Although there are many tiles out there that are strong and aesthetically pleasing you'd be hard pushed to find any with the combination of these qualities together with a reasonable price tag. You can get excellent quality and attractive slate flooring with a cost effective price tag within the online market place. Just visit an online store that specialises in this type of product to view the varieties that are on offer.

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