It is a great idea to unwind and have fun as when in life to break the monotony. Yes, and that is possible too, if one decides to maintain a friendly circle of closest pals, in-mates etc. who will help you to enjoy your life to fullest and make light of all heavy, burdening occasions. We wonder but, what is it that will add more vigor, vibrance and joy to your everyday lives? Our response is planned parties. Trust us, it is the recent trends in all leading social circles and it leaves people with a lot of joy, gaiety and liveliness.

Theme parties are the soul and lifeblood of all the leading clubs, and social groups over the weekends. People specially call for a brilliant arrangement to celebrate exclusive occasions and events such as dance nights, birthdays, bridal showers; hen parties etc. people really look forward to theme party invitations and bridal shower invites. My friend Susanne is the finest example of leading life, larger than life. She was combating a severely dreadful cancer, with all her might and prowess. For three years, and successive four chemotherapy sessions she finally blew the trumpet of her victory.

The grand and hungry for life this women was, she planned a big surprise for two hundred people. To make it more colorful, she made it into a theme party, and sent out collecting cards for theme party invitations. These theme party invitations, the venue, the menu, the drinks, food and even the color combination of the flowers matched the theme party invitations that she had sent out. Looking at the enthusiasm, and charisma for life, nobody would have thought that the women last month ahs combated an eighteen hours long surgery, in which thrice doctors thought that they had almost lost her to the devil.

People came, ate, made merry and congratulated the bald and promptly dressed but slightly wane Susanne. Her four year old boyfriend attended the festivity too, along with his family and other relatives. His entire family and her friend’s were mesmerized at the capacity of vigor and vitality the women had. It is difficult to believe, that when normal people are meeting people, she was busy writing her theme party invitations in her own hand-writing. We were all really touched at the life force that Susanne displayed. The evening ended with Antonie, proposing marriage to her with a beautiful two-carat sterling diamond ring. And we heard her shouting that look forward now to another grand celebration, my bridal shower invites. We laughed, teary-eyed, that your bridal shower invites are all accepted with grace and happiness.

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