Wardrobe is an essential part of any bedroom decor. We can find different styles of wardrobes online such as customized wardrobes, built-in wardrobes or a walk-in closet. However, with variations in wardrobe designs there’s one thing that’ll always remain common i.e. overburdened closets. All of us have a tendency to store old clothes and pile up the space with new ones. And after a while we just don’t like what we see. So, set aside your excuses, pull up your socks, and get ready for some fun & work.

Follow these simple steps and add some extra storage space to your flooding wardrobe.

1. Firstly, you need to organize your clothes according to the season. Stow away all non-seasonal clothes in briefcases or boxes under your bed or big large trunks. Then, keep away clothes that you never wear and never will or better donate them to the needy. Now, you are left with clothes that you wear. You are almost there-job well done!

2. Double your space by adding an extra rod if your wardrobe design permits. Here, you can add hangers or multiple hangers together in the same column by pairing them with s-hooks or chains. This way you can stack up more clothes in the same place. Also, you can add under-shelf baskets to store tiny little clothing items.

3. Never leave your wardrobe doors empty. You must have several pairs of scarves, belts, ties, etc., which are losing shape or just lying around here and there. Now, you can add an extending rod inside the wardrobe doors. You can either arrange the scarves by using shower curtain hooks or you can add a hanger tie beneath the rod to keep all your ties intact.

4. If your wardrobe allows you can stack up all your shoes in the corner areas of your wardrobe. Reuse wine baskets or invest in tiered shelves to arrange them in specific manners. If, you are not comfortable storing shoes inside your wardrobe then hang your coats, maxi dresses, etc., without ruining their shape.

5. Any wardrobe storage is incomplete without adding vacuum bags. This one is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent creations to enhance wardrobe storage. You can buy these bags online without spending much. These vacuum bags will store just about any clothing while minimizing the storage space. You can even place them on top of your wardrobe for easier reach.

You can also select from a wide range of wardrobes online India and pick the one that best suits your need. Also, no matter what you buy, the key is to keep it simple and functional.

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