There are many reasons that people want to build muscle mass on their biceps. For the majority of people going to work is all about wearing a shirt and tie. This of course means that only your biceps are really visible. Perhaps this is one reason why there is such a fascination in getting big biceps for some people. It seems a little strange then that lots of people seem to be able to get big pectoral and shoulder muscles but struggle with increasing bicep muscle mass.

Are you making this common bicep training error?

Moving weight that is heavy it what will make your muscles grow. The heavier the weights you can lift the stronger and therefore bigger they become. However if the bicep muscle is isolated individually it is not easy to shift a great deal of weight. This then makes it harder to stimulate muscle growth. In short people are doing the wrong exercises to build muscle mass on their guns.

So how come I see bodybuilders using concentration curls?

Well, concentration curls are not a mass building exercise they are used for shaping already large muscles. If you have normal sized biceps then you have nothing to shape therefore stop doing this type of exercise!

So what exercises ought I to do for big biceps then?

You have to be moving heavy weight with your biceps to increase their size therefore try, underhand pull-ups, bent over rows and practically any other mulitjoint back exercise. These exercises all utilise much heavier weight. Yes, that is in part due to the fact that they are hitting the back muscles but also stressing the guns hard also. What is more did you ever see anyone with massive biceps but small back muscles? No, big guns come hand in hand with big back muscles.

So, in short stay with the major compound back movements and possibly standard barbell curls too and you will give yourself the best chance of increasing your bicep muscle size and strength! Leave the concentration curls for when you do have big bicep muscles.

So if you want to build muscle up on your biceps train your back hard, eat lots and rest plenty! Apply these building muscle tips and you will have puny arms no more.

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