What is Addiction Counseling?

Counseling also referred to as “talk therapy” is an important component of addiction treatment. Effective counseling addresses all aspects of the patient’s life. Addiction counseling empowers the individual to identify the causes of addiction and how to overcome it. Counseling enables the individual to get rid of their personal fears and anxiety that are hindering them towards their recovery. The main benefit of addiction counseling is, it allows the person to explore & identify themselves and the reasons for their addictive behavior. Moreover, addicting counseling helps the individual to develop recovery skills, managing cravings, relapse prevention, and gain lost relationships.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a one-to-one conversation with a drug and alcohol counselor near me. This type of counseling is very private & confidential and happens between the individual and the substance abuse counselor near me. This facilitates deep interpersonal interaction and self-understanding. There are different approaches to individual counseling based on the substance abuse counselor certification and theoretical orientation, type of substance addiction, and the patient’s mental & physical state. Different modalities of counseling are included and the therapist will tailor the treatment according to the individual needs.

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