Chicago, on Lake Michigan in Illinois, is one among the biggest cities in the U.S close to 2.7 million people, that is estimated for 21.73% of the state population. Chicago is also the second most populated city in the US after New York City and Los Angeles. In 1916, Chicago is described as the “Chi-Town”, “Windy City”, “City of Broad Shoulders” and “Second City. It’s no wonder that Chicago is one of the excellent tourist city in the country. Chicago has many beautiful places to visit like Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, Art Institute of Chicago, Navy Pier, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago Lakefront Trail, Chicago Botanic Garden, and Skydeck Chicago.

The community estimates of Chicago from the period of 2014-18 and from that, there is an increase of 0.0528 Million in the previous 5 years. Consequently, every year the population of the city rises approximately 0.01056 Million. By this, the people of Chicago in 2019 is forecast to be 2.7388 Million + 0.01056 Million = 2.74936 Million. Therefore, in 2019 in the predicted population in Chicago is 2.74936 Million.

How people are addicted to substance abuse in Chicago?
Even though Chicago has a host of offerings to make it an attractive place to visit. Unfortunately, people in this city are dealing with substance abuse addiction, which is also home to narcotic trafficking merchants who offer a large deal to the illicit use and misuse of substances like drug and alcohol. However, there are a lot of addiction rehab centers in Chicago for people in the area that fall into drug addiction.

What are the drugs commonly abused in Chicago?
According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health [NSDUH] in 2005-10, 14.8% of Chicago-Joliet-Naperville MSA, people were addicted to illegal drugs and this rate was determined to be greater than drug consumption in the state of Illinois with 13.6% and is nearly equal to national usage 14.7%.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse,these are the commonly abused drugs in Chicago:

Prescription Opioids


Most of the substance abuse like drugs in the city, especially heroin, comes from Colombia and Mexico and is managed and distributed nearby by Mexican cartels.

Which are the best addiction treatment centers in Chicago?
No matter which city or state you live in, dependence knows there’s is no boundaries. An authorized drug or alcohol rehab Chicago treatment centers can provide the individual with the right treatment and support. With an individualized therapy program created to meet a person’s individual intentions and objectives, a victim can have a path to the policies that will drive them towards rehabilitation and a healthy, positive outcome. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse like drug or alcohol addiction there are many rehab centers in Chicago where you can improve quality of life.

In these below mention addiction treatment centers they provide evidence-based therapies that have benefited many peoples to overwhelm dependence. In these addiction centers in drug rehab Chicago or alcohol rehab Chicago has a quality of facilities and unique treatment programs to give each person their excellent chance at comprehensive rehabilitation.

1. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is the nation’s greatest nonprofit therapy provider, with a legacy that commenced in 1949 and which involves the 1982 founding of the Betty Ford Center. With 17 places in Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, Illinois, New York, Florida, California, Massachusetts, and Washington, they offer prevention and rehabilitation solutions for nationwide and beyond the complete continuum of care for children and adults. In this center, they provide expert treatment for drug and alcohol dependence in Chicago, Illinois. With various levels of outpatient rehab, along with clinically controlled sober maintenance benefits and also offers the most powerful level of therapy to meet your clinical requirements.

2. Teen Challenge Chicago
Teen Challenge Chicago is a rehab centers in Chicago more concentrated about people’s wellness by offering a high range of counseling and prayer they have worked on a holistic model of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and provide a quality of services and treatment help for people struggling with drugs, alcohol, and other life-controlling issues. At Teen Challenge, they are more concerned with the body, mind, and spirit of those who come to their drug rehab Chicago. Their main vision is to save every addict from dependence through the strength of Jesus Christ! This foundation is to develop many students by explaining them the Word of God and by supporting them to bond with other maturing disciples.

3. Belmont Addiction Treatment Center of LSSI
Belmont Addiction Treatment Center of LSSI is placed in Chicago, Illinois. They also provide significant programs including foster care, affordable senior housing, home care for seniors, early childhood development, mental health services, alcohol and drug treatment, residential programs for an individual with developmental disabilities, and programs that benefit formerly incarcerated persons unite back into the nation. chicago rehabilitation center like Belmont they only concentrate on therapy from a physical, mental, and spiritual method by offering individual therapy, educational groups, group therapy sessions, nutritional and spiritual guidance, and Fitness activities to win the battle of drug and alcohol addiction.

4. Positive Sobriety Institute
Drug rehab Chicago like Positive Sobriety Institute is placed in the heart of Chicago, on the peaceful waters of Lake Michigan, this center is the target of opportunity for professionals and others who fit our milieu seeking treatment for their drug and alcohol addiction. Programs are delivered by their high-caliber, multidisciplinary therapeutic and clinical team, which involves board-certified addiction medicine surgeons, board-certified addiction psychiatrists, advanced practice nurses, and licensed therapists they provide a complete and individualized, science-based therapy plans and they concentrate in addiction assessment, rehabilitation, and healing services for drug, pain medication abuse, alcohol, gambling, food disorder, and mental co-disorders.

5. Gateway Foundation Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers – Chicago Independence
Gateway Foundation Chicago Independence is a private, outpatient and rehabilitation home dependence treatment center. They practice in a full continuum of evidence-based, person-centred addiction medicine for people at any step of rehabilitation. The organization of caring medical specialists, including a physician, therapist and counselor plan and manage your care program. While they believe in a 12 Step rehabilitation program, they also provide other evidence-based therapies as well as alternative treatments. The qualified staff in gateway benefits you during your journey, creating treatment up to your requirements.

If a person is addicted to a substance and when they enter into programs and therapies they will definitely find the positive changes in their life. In Chicago rehabilitation centers their goal is to provide techniques and care that enable each person to discover how to live a significant and fulfilling life without drugs or alcohol. There are many highly-trained specialists and which creates a comfortable environment for people to engage in the rehabilitation process and rediscover their sense of purpose to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

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