As an entrepreneur, you probably realize the importance of adding emphasis to your business writing -- as in the form of bold, underline and italics -- especially when creating advertising copy or ezine articles. The problem is how to add emphasis when writing copy that will often be viewed in plain text only.

Here are some ideas to help you draw attention to your writing without the benefit of popular word processing features.

Use Asterisks

Setting off a word or phrase with asterisks is the plain text equivalent of bold. Emphasis can be created in a *number* of ways when writing in plain text.

Use Headings and Sub-Headings

Headings work well to draw attention to important points in your text, especially when set off by equal signs, carets, "greater than" symbols, dashes, etc.

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Vary the Indentation

Simply indenting a paragraph by one or two spaces draws added attention.

Be sure to keep your indentation uniform, however.

All indented paragraphs should be aligned at the same point.


Uppercase letters are another great way to emphasize important points, but use them sparingly! One or two words is sufficient. Too many uppercase words have the same effect as shouting in your reader's face.

Exclamation Points are Great, too! Use exclamation points to drive home your message. A sentence that ends in a period simply does not evoke the same response as the same sentence when followed by an exclamation mark.

This is a great deal.

This is a great deal!

See the difference?

Add a Little Dash

One or two dashes -- with or without a space on each side -- also works well to set off a sentence or line of text. Don't you agree?

Create Paragraph "Borders"

Dashes also take the place of horizontal lines and work well to create borders that set off full paragraphs of text.

Titles Work Well When Set Off by Lines

Reorder Your Words

Simply changing the order of words in a sentence can change the emphasis.

The advertisement was posted by the sales manager.

The sales manager posted the advertisement.

Capitalize on Certain Words

Capitalizing a word that is not typically capitalized is a great way to add emphasis.

Proofreading is crucial to effective writing.

Proofreading is Crucial to effective writing.

Repeat Yourself

Repetition of specific words can be extremely effective.

To succeed, you must consider yourself successful. Act as if you're successful.

Think as if you're successful. Talk as if you're successful. And you'll be successful.

Break the Pattern

Another possibility is to alter the pattern of repetition for emphasis.

To succeed, you must consider yourself successful. Act as if you're successful.

Think as if you're successful. Talk as if you're successful. Or you'll fail miserably.

One final note... if you must err when adding emphasis to your writing, let it be on the side of understatement rather than overstatement. You'll present a much more polished and professional image with your writing.

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