If you are into photography then there is a high possibility that you have come across Luminar, a photo editing software. This one of a kind software allows photographers the chance of making their photos stand out from the rest since it is ranked as a top notch photo enhancer. Any person who has had a chance to use Luminar will tell you that it can make your photo more dynamic by adding colour and details. Moreover, it also contains presets and filters which take the photos to another level while at the same time easing the steps involved in photo editing.

Any photographer who wants to get the most out of Luminar will first have to take a good shot. To do this successfully, you must learn the best hand poses which make your portrait photography natural and beautiful. However, this can sometimes be challenging since there are some models who are not used to photoshoots. Therefore, a good photographer should make use of suitable poses so as to raise the confidence of a new model. After taking a good shot, you can then rely on Luminar software to make it even more appealing.

Tips and Tricks to Create the Perfect Hand Pose

There is no reason to panic if you are having problems when it comes to choosing the best hand poses for your model. This is mainly because there are so many ways that you can rely on in order to achieve your intention. Below are some of the tricks and tips that you can use to take good shots.


No photographer can become a pro without practising and putting more emphasis on the most important details. Beginners who have never had a chance to take photos can start by taking portraits of relatives or friends. Not every person you experiment with will be that confident enough. You should therefore give your friend or relative time to deal with their low confidence levels. Once the person adapts, you can ask them to change poses so that you can determine the most beautiful. Remember to rely on these photos once you want to become professional or when working on a future project.


Most photographers rely on the same old few hand poses not knowing that there are quite a number of gesture poses. These poses tend to be fun and creative since both the photographer and model are fully involved. For instance, you can ask your model to point at a given image while taking the photo. These photos will create a cool atmosphere in the studio regardless of whether or not they will be selected for print.

Holding an Object

The biggest challenge that photographers encounter is convincing a child to make a good hand pose. Fortunately, you can now give them an object like a flower to hold on to before taking the intended shot. This action not only calms the child down but also creates a natural appearance in the photo. Adults can also hold onto an object be it a cup of coffee or umbrella as they add a touch of personality to your photo.

Flattering the Body

Hand poses can be a good way of flattering the entire body depending on where a model wants to hold. You can ask your model to raise their arms while holding the back of their head. This posture will definitely awaken the enthusiasm of a model since it makes one look slimmer and more beautiful. You should however make sure that you carefully examine your model’s body type and features before settling on a given pose.


Placing your hands in the pockets is one of the most common portrait poses since it makes the model look casual and presentable. However, a model must make sure that the hands are in plain site since hiding them tends to add weight to your waist. You should also shun away from hiding one hand as it gives viewers an impression that the other hand has disappeared.

After taking the intended photos using good poses, it is necessary that you edit them. This action can be performed easily as long as you are making use of a photo enhancer software like Luminar. If you have no clue on how to use Luminar in editing the photos, then simply rely on Portraits Workspace. This tool that is in-built in Luminar contains sliders and filters designed to make editing simple. Some of the filters that you will get in Luminar include:

• Vignetting

This type of filter has the sole responsibility of darkening or lightening up the edges around your image thus making it unique. However, you should first ensure that the photograph was taken with the eyes focusing on a model.

• Saturation

Saturation allows photographers the chance of increasing the intensity of colors in images until one reaches the desired option. This filter also comprises of vibrance from where a photographer can increase the muted colors without necessarily touching intense spots.

• High Key

If you are into high-contrast and bright images then the High Key filter will give you exactly that. Actually it makes your photo similar to those you see in magazines.

Taking good pictures whether in weddings, schools or any other important event is very difficult. This is mainly because there are so many things which one needs to put into consideration before capturing the best photo. Asking a model to make a pose using their hands is just a small overview of what photography entails. The main problem lies in making your model appear natural and beautiful. It is for this reason that you need to bring the best out of your photos since no one expects a bad photo.

It is therefore important that you edit the photos before sharing them with other people. To do this, simply use Luminar editing software and everything will turn out the way you want. The good news is that you can try Luminar for free before purchasing the upgraded version.

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