Blog entries not only attract new readers but they also keep them coming back. A popular blog is normally judged to be so by the number of subscribers it has and you can thank the content of the site for that. The blog reader is initially attracted to the site because the theme of the content is something that holds an interest for them. The ability to 'spice up' the content is what brings them back. Therefore no matter how mundane the 'chore' of blog posting may seem to you it is important to maintain a certain 'appeal' to retain your readers.

The key here will be to engage the blog reader right away in order to encourage them to read through the entire post. Although your 'opening' is somewhat critical to keep the readers' interest there is still no substitute for quality throughout the body of the content.

Let's review 5 different 'angles' you can approach your blog posting with to help immediately captivate or involve your audience.

Direct Questions at Them

By directly asking your reader a question you can immediately 'involved' them in what it is you are talking about. This method of 'talking to them' as opposed to 'talking at them' has a stimulating reaction that further encourages their 'participation' in your post. Your delivery is on a more personal level which tends to more readily engage the reader.

Use a Folksy Comparison

The use of a short story or anecdote to help establish your point tends to engage people more fully in what it is you are saying. When used at the beginning of your post this can be very effective at maintaining their attention throughout the balance of your entry.

Paint a Mental Image

Painting an image for your reader helps to draw upon their sense of imagination thereby drawing them deeper the 'conversation' of your post. In essence you are flipping a switch to stimulate them thereby increasing their involvement.


This approach is widely use and very successful since it has the ability to appeal to many different people on different levels. Analogies are especially effective for making a point that may be otherwise difficult to make. We are creating a 'common ground' where it is easier for many to relate to how a particular point may affect them personally.


Nothing gets someone's attention better then to shock them with facts, statistics, or deductive assumptions. Here we are using an emotion to capture the attention of the reader. The shock value of our delivery has more impact when the reader can relate to what it is being said to them.

Your blog entries are what fuel the growth, strength, and popularity of your blog. Subscribers are initially attracted to the 'theme' of the content but often return because of the way in which it was delivered. A popular blog recognizes the need to deliver its content in a way that can captivate the blog reader. By doing so the reader is further compelled to complete the entire entry. By adopting some of the suggestions we reviewed above you will be able to add a little 'sizzle' to your blog posting. By doing so you will be keeping your readers informed, entertained and most importantly…loyal!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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