Adenoids - this is not a diagnosis; it is an organ with IMPORTANT functions, such as the synthesis of antibodies, without which the child's body is unsustainable, the synthesis of anti-allergic factors and factors affecting the maturation of germ cells.
This is the formation of immune tissues, which is the first protective barrier of an organism. At the age of 3-5 years in the body of the child begins the gestation period of immunity when the adenoids and tonsils begin to grow. At the same time, our children begin to learn about the world, to communicate with each other and, hence, they often get sick. If a child gets sick very often, the amygdale did not have time to completely get rid of inflammation and have themselves become a source of infection.

Adenoidectomy - is a quite fast and radical surgical procedure. But what is in the end? A child is suffering a psychological trauma and there is a risk of complications and recurrences.
But the main thing - adenoidectomy does not eliminate the cause of the disease. Not only that – it is not just a removal of tissue, but of an immune organ!

Remember that adenoids properly respond to any disease process by producing immune cells, thereby protecting the body.

I offer homeopathic treatment for adenoids, which is one of the most effective and harmless treatment and prophylactics.

Why is it the most effective and harmless treatment? First of all, homeopathy is able to perform drainage, pain relieves, and anti-inflammatory functions. Homeopathic remedies can remove the swelling of the mucous membrane, to normalize its function, improve lymphatic circulation, and promote rapid elimination of toxins and allergens. This reduces nasal congestion and as a consequence it improves sleep and appetite, headache disappears, attention and concentration increase.

Secondly, the selection of homeopathic remedies is strictly individualized.

In homeopathy, the most important thing – the precise choice of a remedy that corresponds only to the individual patient, taking into account his or her individual characteristics. As a homeopath, I define a method of treating an individual which includes manufacture of unique products that are suitable just for this individual patient.

Thirdly, homeopathy is safe for most children because it does not have side effects.
Homeopathic remedies do not cause allergies, have no contraindications, can be used for both treatment and prevention, they can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

In some cases, the use of homeopathy does not exclude the possibility of surgery, but it always promotes the rapid achievement of a positive result.

Dear Parents, more frequent exacerbations of adenoids happen during the winter and autumn seasons - the periods of the sharp change of the weather, as well as at the time of spring bloom. If your children are predisposed to or suffering from this disease you have enough time for homeopathy to come to their aid.

Hilda Spektor, ND

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