Once adenomyosis occurs, women's menstrual volume will change. Initially, the menstrual blood volume is normal, or less, suddenly becomes more, and the number of sanitary napkins used increases significantly. They should be vigilant and check the uterus in time.

In addition to the change of menstrual volume, women should also pay attention to physical abnormalities, such as dizziness and abdominal pain. If these problems always occur during menstruation, they should check the health of the uterus to avoid more significant damage to the uterus.

So, can patients with adenomyosis not have surgery?

The answer is YES. Everyone's condition is different. Some women's condition is not severe and can only be counted as mild patients. In this case, there is no need for surgery. Medication is OK. Patients can choose a safe and effective herbal medicine Fuyan Pill to eliminate symptoms. And, it can clean up toxins in the uterus and improve natural fertility rate.

However, for patients with more severe conditions, surgery is necessary. Otherwise, it will be troublesome to cause concurrent problems.

In these cases, surgery is required:

1. The uterus becomes larger, and the symptoms are obvious

The enlargement of the uterus means that something grows inside, which will expand the uterus. Just like pregnancy, the fetus will continue to increase the uterus during development, making the female's stomach bulge slowly. After adenomyosis, the uterus will gradually become larger due to the abnormal growth of the endometrium. It can be clearly seen that the female stomach becomes larger.

After excluding pregnancy, if women find that their stomach is getting bigger and bigger, they should notice it. It shows that the disease has developed seriously, which causes massive damage to the uterus and oppresses the surrounding organs and tissues. Women will slowly have frequent urination, constipation, and indigestion, which has affected their daily life. In this case, it is necessary to arrange surgery to improve physical discomfort and reduce physical injury.

2. Although the uterus did not become larger, it was complicated with myoma and intense pain

This situation depends not on the size but the degree of pain faced by patients. If women are very painful every time they have menstruation and even suffer when they go to the toilet, they always have a feeling of anal distension, so they can't wait any longer.

Even if the uterus doesn't get bigger, they need to arrange surgery early. Patients can not bear great pain to face every day, which is traumatic for women physically and mentally. Early surgery can also relieve the pain.

Under what circumstances can surgery be avoided?

First of all, the uterus is not large, and the physical symptoms are not very obvious. There is no dysmenorrhea in every menstruation. The condition is not severe, so there is no need for surgery. Women need to know the purpose of surgery.

One is to prevent the disease from developing seriously and bring more problems to the body. The other is to alleviate the pain of patients and enable patients to have a normal life.

Since the disease has not developed to these two levels, conservative treatment can be done without excessive treatment. Do not be too anxious, and it would be better to listen to the doctor's suggestions for reasonable treatment.

Secondly, in a particular period, it is not suitable for surgery. Women who are pregnant or lactating cannot undergo surgery. It is important to note that what is said here is unacceptable, not without surgery. Unacceptable means that women in these two periods are not in good health.

Whether the operation is large or small, it is an operation, which will cause certain damage to the body. In the period of female weakness, it is best to carry out conservative treatment first and then carry out surgery after the corresponding period has passed.

Adenomyosis, a gynecological disease that can not be ignored, significantly impacts women, especially infertile women. Therefore, after the diagnosis of adenomyosis, refuse to delay and treat as soon as possible.

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