Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, this disease is identifying as a neurological problem or brain disorder, but there is no research in MRI report or City scan. According to me, is known as Disputed Anxiety disorder or Disputed Nervous Breakdown. This disease mostly come to small children, 2 to 5% of children below 15 years comes under this disease in the whole world.

These diseases only come at the pregnancy time or delivery time when the mother is impatient or irritable or in stress. This disease raised due to homes argument or domestic violence or any problems but only when the mother is in tension. 25% of questions come to the children when the mother is not giving proper breastfeeding. At the time of breastfeeding mother is crying then the emotional distribution comes to the children.

 Impulsiveness.  Disorganization and problems prioritizing.  Poor time management skills.
 Problems focusing on a task.  Trouble multitasking.  Excessive activity or restlessness.  Poor planning.  Low frustration tolerance.

Treatment of disease gets a cure with the medicine. Anti-Anxiety pills provided but that tablets are to danger or harm. Children who are taking medication for the extended period they have the ADHD. In ADHD restlessness is one stream and depression is another stream. Then the children come under depression. ADHD child is full of the virus on the hard disk, and we have to input the anti-virus or new software or to format the hard drive. Such patients are so full of sadness and fears that they kept cut off from the other world. Not only do not listen to others and when they give a little bit of attention. We have developed a new test named as MIND MAPPING what is the reason for the word that is so transparent that he can tell in 30 minutes to know what is the purpose of ADHD and we take a test of child and parent. 50 reasons for the disease we deal with and remove one by one. From this, we cure 75% and above ADHD patient, and it takes 1 to 3 years to heal.

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I(Kailash Mantry) work as Life Coach in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to treat depression, Anxiety disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Phobias, Sexual disorders and Schizophrenia across the vast diversity of clients. I have extensive research on the mental health of over 30 years.