The winner wins many of his battles because he has learned to manipulate his environment. This is essential and many victories have been lost simply because the person fighting the battle did not take advantage of every element of his environment.

One thing which we used to say when I was a young man was that you never lose a basketball game when you played in your own back yard. You were supposed to know every nuance and part of your own back yard down to the piece of dirt that would hinder your when you make your jump shot. In your own back yard you know just how much force to put on the ball as you release. You should know just from where you happen to be standing where to aim and hit the goal every time that you shoot the ball. This is the advantage that you can have if you take charge of your environment. Use every asset available to you top win.

I remember a chess game that I played once years ago with a friend of mine. We played one game that he won and I realized how he did it after we had finished. He put the weirdest sounding music that I have ever heard in my life on. This served to distract my mind from the game so that he could win. Now a chess game to me is not important enough to go through such extreme measures to win. I would want that type of competition to be as level as possible so that I would get more of a mental workout. If we were playing for keeps or for money the situation would probably be much different.

You may use things such as lighting, positioning of seats, noise, sounds, smells etc. to create that the environment and atmosphere that you want. Even when your opponent knows your intentions he won’t be able to totally resist.

You also need to use the assets of your environment to motivate yourself. You know what turns your crank so use it to your own advantage. One driving trick that my father taught me years ago is to keep your window slightly open at night whenever I drove my automobile. The cool air rushing past my face served to keep me awake and focused. Sometimes we may do things which make us uncomfortable in order to give you the extra edge that you need.

The environment closest to you can be used to your benefit. You may have control over a large part of your environment or you may have control of just a small piece of it. Regardless of what the situation may be do the best that you can. Use the bit that you can use to create more territory for yourself, when your territory begins to grow use the newly acquired portion to help you to get into a better position.

Look at life as the proverbial basketball court. You are in your own back yard and you can win if you use all of the assets available to you.

One saying that I like is life is a game of cards. Sometimes you are dealt a good hand and sometimes you will get a lemon. You can win with a lemon if you play it the right way. You may have to bluff a little bit to get some use out of your bad cards. You may have to distract your opponents in order to be able to play your hand. Do whatever it takes (within reason) and win. Riceland Enterprises

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