Once-upon-a-time adjustable beds were only witnessed at hospitals. But technology has changed, and so are the mindset of modern-day homeowners.


Many hold the opinion- “Owning a modern electric bed is equivalent to having a smartphone instead of a boring corded phone which needs to be plugged into the wall.”


Truth be told- adjustable beds are seen as a popular lifestyle preference, and many are discovering its amazing style and unbelievable perks. They are also known as reclining beds which provide numerous medical benefits to relieve pain and improve comfort. Not to forget, it also provides numerous lifestyle perks which uplift relaxation and sleep.


Adjustable electric beds, in time, could become the next-big-thing. And here’s a glimpse of some of their amazing features.


Eat-Work-Massage-Sleep- REPEAT...


After a tough day at work, there is nothing that beats a recuperating massage. Majority of the mid-level and luxury bases consist of massaging features, and that can be easily customised as per the needs and preferences of customers.


With the presence of an adjustable electric bed; one can enjoy a foot and head massage as they lay tired, looking to unwind. These beds come with a remote control to adjust the intensity of the massage suited to loosen up the body. By putting the body at ease, it helps one get their beauty sleep better.


Ergonomics- Easy To Use Bedtime Relaxation...


Be it watching Netflix, or reading a book before sleeping; one can do it easily with their adjustable electric beds. They come with simple remote controls to raise or lower the head or foot of the bed as one feels.


For split mattresses models; one will get two remotes- one to control each. It proves convenient for the partner/friend/sibling to adjust their bed independently.


Simply put- it is great when one wishes to read or watch while the other wants to snooze.


No More Snoring...


Does one have issues with their partner snoring?


No surprise, as it can be the bane of night relaxation - even forcing their non-snoring partner from sleeping apart.


Well, no such issues will be faced any more. Another key aspect of an adjustable electric bed is that it reduces snoring considerably. By using the remote control, one can adjust the position of their head slightly.


Snoring happens when the tongue and soft tissues narrow the airflow. It happens when one sleeps at a flat position. By elevating the head position; one can enable their air to flow freely, and reduce the vibrations -known as snoring at night.


If the partner snores due to congestion issues, then head elevation also assists in supporting their drainage and keeping their sinuses clear. Electric adjustable beds drastically change the way one sleeps without snoring or any discomfort.


Adios To Backaches...


Backaches are nothing to mock or joke about. Statistically, 30% of the Australian population suffers from back pain. But having an electric bed allows one the liberty to control the position they sleep.


The adjustable bed surfaces reduce the strain and pressure exerted on the back. By ensuring the perfect sleeping posture through its foam memory foam/latex mattress, it lessens backaches and improves the natural contouring actions for support.


By elevating the feet, the strain on the lower back is reduced, and the lumbar area is fully relaxed and decompressed.


Each of these features makes it clear why so many consider electric adjustable beds to be the next-big-thing. So, without procrastinating further, find a reliable supplier and bring one home this new year.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a supplier of adjustable bed models and with that, is also a writer who educates the readers on the key features of an adjustable electric bed.