You might have heard of physical and mental habits but, habits for a successful career? Sounds odd, right?

Habits define us. They can either take us to a mountain peak of appreciations, achievements, creating a good picture of us or can drag us down to the hell with nothing around us. The trick lies in balancing and maintaining them. Just as physical habits like regular exercise, eating healthy food and mental habits like positive thinking and mindfulness are important, there are few productivity habits that shape our career and we have no idea about it.

You might have worked for hours, without taking much offs and might have sincerely and timely submitted your work but then suddenly, the crown of promotion lands on someone else’s head and you feel devastated and wonder what and where did you go wrong? Guess what, your habits should be held responsible for that. How?

We all are in a notion that its the work we do at our job, giving us success. Well, not entirely. Your work productivity does have a major role to play but it is the habit of yours that contribute a lot in molding your career into the direction of either success or failure. Confused? Your minor habits like the way you carry yourself, your communication, your interaction with others all such things that we rarely pay attention too, are actually the most important factors that have the ability to make us a star or a loser.

Each career, success, and habits of a person differ. And so, we have picked the most common 4 habits, altering and mastering which, nothing can stop you from climbing the ladder of success. Take a look and think about it.

1. Be a Good Listener

In the race of staying ahead in life, we are losing patience. There, we commit the biggest mistake - not listening to others or ourselves. You won't believe but listening has a lot to do in your success. Not giving an ear to what's going around you can actually shake the pillar of your success. Like, pretending to be listening to your senior in a meeting can later prove fatal to you only.

Listening will help you know what others are thinking. You can extract information from them and process your thoughts on that and respond accordingly. Not only that, when you listen to others, they will find you more reliable and interested in which will create a forever bond. By giving them your attention, you make them feel valued and they will in return listen to you as well.

2. Value Yours & Others' Time

'Time is money', 'Time waits for none', remember, these phrases are applicable to all and not just you. You may think what loss is going to happen as you are wasting your own time, but in fact, the effect of it can destroy someone else's career too.

Time management is extremely important. Whether you work with time or play with it, can reflect upon your career. Not reaching work on time, failing to meet deadlines on time, not submitting the requirements on time, not taking action or decision on time, all this which we consider silly and make plans to improve but hardly do, can take a toll on your career when the time comes and at that time nothing can help.

3. Quit Complaining, and Accept

Saying negative things about others, cursing the work and the people, blaming your colleagues and seniors, all these would never ever allow you to move ahead in your career. Reason? If you can't accept failure or mistake, you can never accept success as well. Instead of complaining continuously and waiting for someone else to correct or take an action, why can't you step forward? If you can't solve the problem, at least come up with an idea to solve it. This will encourage others to do the same next time. Learn how to handle things and stay positive.

Acceptance is the key. Learn to accept your mistakes, responsibilities, criticism, feedback, apology, appreciation etc. Reacting to any of these without thinking will only put your career in danger. Once you start accepting them, your career ride will be a smooth one.

4. Master the Art of Networking

Communicate without any purpose. We think that at work, we must communicate only when necessary. There is no such rule. The more you communicate and network, the more will you grow. Everyday networking will help you build a professional network, plus, you get a chance to help others as well. Take, for example, LinkedIn, the best-ever networking platform for professionals using which you can connect and help others connect to the right source at the right time.

Networking is the core element for professional growth. With the art of networking, you can connect with better opportunities, develop your areas of expertise, improve your soft skills, increase your knowledge about job tactics and tricks, gain new ways of thinking, and increase your chances of learning something new.

In a nutshell

If you really want your career to move to the next level, you must put some efforts, observe yourself and make necessary changes as and when and where required. We have listed only the most common 4 habits which we think matters the most, apart from that, analyzing your knowledge and skills, saying sorry and thank you, asking questions, being open to learning something new, all these teeny-tiny habits are what decide the future of your career.

Stay Aware! Stay Successful!

Author's Bio: 

Yuvrajsinh is a Marketing Manager at Space-O Technologies, a firm having expertise in Android app development. He spends most of his time researching on the mobile app and startup trends. He is a regular contributor to popular publications like Entrepreneur, Yourstory, and Upwork. If you have any confusion, or question, or need any consultation regarding the mobile app development process, feel free to contact him.