Self Improvement is especially about taking your Life forward, making a major difference and impacting the lives of as many people as possible. Focus on Your Target and make the most of the one and only life you have. Winners have clear Direction and know exactly what they want. Nothing will stop them.

The vast majority of people in our world - in excess of 80% - go through life in a trance. Over 90% of the population of many countries have medical problems that are mentally related. Many health problems like stress are self-inflicted. Have you ever heard somebody say, “I always get a cold this time of the year.” The forecast is always right as people often talk themselves into a medical problem. The doctors surgery is often full of people that have a season ticket!!

In addition, people are bombarded by thousands of different distractions on a weekly basis and as a consequence of various factors like these, consistently underachieve throughout their lives.

Changing Perspective…

People generally need to get real and raise their voice to be heard. Walking tall and looking the world right in the eye demonstrates an air of confidence. The more you believe in Yourself, the more you have confidence in what you do and the more positive Your thoughts, the more likely You will be successful. Belief with conviction fuels the fire within.

Developing A Winners Attitude

Dispel the doubts, have a Positive Mental Attitude, stay Focused, be Determined and have absolute faith in Your own ability. As they say in the U.S., “Fake it, until You Make it”. The right brain (Your Subconscious mind) does not know the difference between Fantasy and Reality. If you visualize something often enough, it will become your vivid reality.

Many Top sports stars have continually bombarded their Subconscious minds with powerful visual images and eventually it has become their winning reality.

Mental Thoughts…

Remember Bruce Jenner, the great World Decathlon Olympic Champion? He had numerous photographs taken of him winning all 10 events in the decathlon. He had the pictures enlarged to poster size and had them portrayed on his home walls and bedroom ceiling. Every night before going to bed and every morning when he awoke he would see himself winning each event. Eventually his reality was realised when he became World Decathlon Olympic Champion in Montreal in 1976. In doing so he broke the world record for the greatest number of points.

Today he is a multi talented individual, including a much sought after motivational speaker, great sportsman and successful entrepreneur.

This is an astonishing fact that can be confirmed when repeating or visualizing something often enough. Have you not often thought about your dream home or car? Well then go and take a tour of some dream homes with a realtor and go and test drive that special car. Then subscribe or obtain plenty of special magazines and feed your mind with many mentally stimulating visual images. Finally once you have complete clarity, you set a goal and a target date, and now you have a definite clear vision and together with the effort required, you will achieve the objective and it will happen for you.

Overcoming All The Odds…

You, and you only, are the one that ultimately determines the outcome of Your life. There are millions of people in this world that have extreme circumstances through bad health, poverty, natural disasters, abuse, location, wars, terrorism, problem families and so many more examples.

However many have overcome their overwhelming adversity and the many extreme obstacles in their lives and gone on to become very successful. They have achieved greatness. These people have the Will, the Desire, the Power and the Passion to succeed. Along the way, they have acquired the knowledge necessary to succeed.

What Do Winners Do?…

Where are you in all this? Are you taking responsibility for your life? All of us waste precious time. The Winners waste the least time. Do you realise that winners spend less than 5 hours per week watching TV? You only have one life, You only have one chance, You only have one heart, and one body and one wonderful brain so don’t mess it up. Give everything you do your best shot, with a good heart knowing fully well it is your best effort.

If You give the best you can give then nobody can ask for more.

The Guy In The Mirror…

Believe in yourself and especially believe in the guy in the mirror. Everything you do, see and hear depends on the guy in the mirror. Before you attempt to get along with the world it is imperative that you like and love yourself. Feeling good about you is a rich feeling that stems from the endorphins deep down inside yourself. This feeling manifests itself in the form of a tingling sensation.

Should you find it challenging to have a feel good experience then you can stimulate the feeling and consequently simulate the experience. Remember the mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality and therefore you can vividly imagine yourself either for example being a winner in sports or being top of your profession. You are ultimately only limited by your own imagination.

Adopt a Mentor…

Remember that supreme sporting moment in time when the immortal Michael Johnson ran the 200 metres, in addition to the world record he crushed in the 400 metres, in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics? He ran a phenomenal time of 19.32 seconds for the 200 metres, which literally shattered the world record with his unique running style. Now as It happens a Jamaican athlete called Usaine Bolt has just recently broken that world record at the Beijing Olympics. He truly was a bolt of lightning! Well I have often run the movie in my mind at me racing Michael Johnson in his heyday. Guess what I often beat him and my time was better!!

My running style was even more unique. I would simulate the experience at my faster start and the “fact” that I was just able to hold him off. The simulated experience would always help to brighten my day and make me feel better. This instantly provides me with a winner’s attitude.

The Final Analysis…

Think what a Hen does on a consistent basis. If a hen, with the brain the size of a pea, can sit and concentrate on an egg and incubate the egg for 30 days, then what could you do when you concentrate with a brain that has the potential processing capacity of a thousand computers? Just focus on simulating a fantasised WINNING experience for the same period of time!!!

We all have the chance and the ability to change our destiny. Lets help make this world a better place by all doing our little bit. Identify with your self confidence, your self esteem and totally believe in your own ability. It is down to your own initiative.

Using more Brain Capacity…

It is important for you to leave this world having left your mark. Avoid at all costs going to your grave with your music still in you like so many millions of other people do. Most people use less than 10% of their total brain capacity in their entire lifetime. Some studies suggest less than 5%. Both Einstein and Thomas Edison - 2 of the greatest inventors of all time used around 15% each of their entire brain capacity.

30 Day PMA Diet

Now is your time. Go on a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) diet for 30 days. In order to change a bad Habit that has been previously part of your life, it will take considerable effort. All the good and worthwhile things in Life are challenging so be determined, be disciplined, be focused and be sure to stay the course. The old bad habit will die forever and be replaced by that new winning formula that you adopted.

Have an excellent day

Martin Jeszke