Filling a form is the most essential thing to do when you want to apply for anything. Is the past it was not important to apply for an application; people could have a lot of things. But now the application is a necessity to apply for even the smallest thing.
People who want to adopt a child they have to fill up a form. Even in the past, there was some of the paperwork required to have application and form approved. Today the form of adoption requires info that has to be provided to the Adoption Lawyers in Georgia
to complete the process smoothly.
Types of Adoptions:
There are basically six types of adoptions that you can apply for in Georgia. All of these types require some specific data but the rest of the information is the same. You have the full right to choose which will suit you and your partner.
Independent Adoption:
In this, the adoption agencies have a role in the meeting of birth and adoptive parents. A mutual contact who can be a neighbor, pastor of the church, co-worker, physician, school friend or even a lawyer makes arrangements for both parties to meet. It is best that all the legal dealings must be done in the presence of an adoption lawyer.
Stepparents Adoption:
This adoption happens when the divorced parents remarry and the spouse of the parent wants to adopt the child as his/ her own. If either of the biological parents has any objection on the adoption then the court can’t grant the right of adoption. It is very rare that the Sirname of the child will change.
Foreign or International Adoption:
There are couples who prefer to adopt a child who belongs to another country. They can consult an adoption agency or private lawyer to find a perfect match for them. If the process of adoption is completed in the other country then the couple has to file an application domestically so that it can be registered in America.
Relative Adoption:
When any blood relation of the child is willing to adopt then this type of adoption is applied for. The blood relatives of either the mother or the father have the legal right to adopt the child. The child can be adopted by uncles, aunts, siblings and even the grandparents.
State Agency Adoption:
This is also called the foster care system in which the state puts the child in the care of a couple who is operating a home in which there are other children. But this placement can be temporary in the case when an appropriate match is found for the children living there.
Adoption through Private Agency:
There are many private firms and organizations that are working to provide potential adoptive parents to children. A lot of data has to be collected like the criminal records of the adoptive family, a thorough home study, and background checks of the child, the gathering of important documents and fulfilling of other formalities is a must so the lawyers at Tom Tebeau are trained to perform the tasks.
Adoption Form Info Required by Adoption Lawyers in Georgia:
The information required below is general data that is common in all adoption form. But the specific detail is different in the various types of adoptions that are mentioned above in full. The most universal info that is required on all forms is as followed.
General Data of Child:
On the form, the first thing the lawyers require is the data of the child being adopted. Each and every detail must be provided including;
1. Child’s name
2. Date of birth
3. Gender
4. Age of the child
5. Ethnicity or race
6. The county that child belongs (international Adoption)
7. The persons who completed and provided info for the form.
The Child’s Adoptive Family:
Next, the data that is needed is the info of the family in which the child will ultimately go. This is important because the court and birth parents must know who is going to be in the adoptive family. Name, age, date of birth, race, occupation, education and every last detail of the maternal and paternal side of the adoptive family including;
1. Father
2. Mother
3. Uncles
4. Aunts
5. Grandfather
6. Grandmother
7. Great grandfather
8. Great grandmother.
A number of Adoptive Siblings:
The info about adoptive siblings is very crucial because it will determine the relationship that the child will have with them. If the adoptive parents already have children with their previous marriages; even then the data must be provided.
Birth Family Info:
Both the families must know about each other so the birth parents give details of their family also. Whatever information was required for the adoptive family the very same goes for the birth family also.
Medical Conditions in both Families:
It is really important that both families provide medical information honestly. A detailed list of various medical conditions is mentioned in a special section of the form. It is obligatory for both the parties to give the correct information.
Termination of Parental Rights:
The last and most vital info that the birth parents need to provide Adoption Lawyers in Georgia is a consent in which they mention that both of them have terminated their rights for the child. This is crucial because it has been noted that the birth parents interfered in the lives of the child.

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