Affiliate marketing is an Internet marketing method that works by rewarding one or more affiliates based on the amount of traffic or visitors brought by the affiliate’s own hard work. It is a type of performance-based marketing that Adrian Morrison, younger brother of equally profitable Internet magnate Anthony, excels in. The self-made millionaire made waves when he entered the affiliate marketing industry a few years ago. His story begins the same way his brother has.

The Morrison family lost everything they owned when their father lost on a million dollars overnight as WorldCom went bankrupt, taking their father’s retirement preparation with it. Both he and big brother Anthony left graduate school to pursue online marketing, making their marks in the Internet marketing industry. Now, Adrian specializes in social media marketing, search engine marketing, PPC, and media trade. With four companies and over 65 websites under his management, Adrian earns as much as $230,000/month or $15,000/day just by doing his business online.

Just like his big brother, Adrian has the goal of sharing his strategies that have been proven successful because of his years of experience in the Internet marketing industry. His optimistic consider of the industry reflects his ideals - everybody can make money off the Internet and this is what he teaches his students. Everybody who wants to earn returns and profit through online revenues simply has to follow what Adrian details in his books. He believes that fiscal stability “comes from the ability to create profits for yourself no matter the state of the economy.” Thus, he encourages persons to leverage the Internet to their benefit and “master new outlets before anybody else [does].”

Morrison entered the Internet marketing industry through affiliate marketing. However, he is also famous for his simple-to-follow techniques which entrepreneurs can survey to make money by social media. Social media marketing is a successful business. In the present day, both small and large-scale businesses need social media accounts in order to promote their products, services, and companies. It has become a must. Even persons who do not have their own companies can still generate money through this aspect of Internet marketing. This is wherever Morrison comes in. His books focus on the power of social media for marketing purposes but even though he focuses on Internet marketing, his techniques are ultimately helpful for anybody who wants to be free of monetary difficulties by setting up their own online businesses that are sustainable and profitable.

True to his responsibility of sharing his experience of online marketing, Adrian currently tours the United States and Canada, holding seminars, conducting conferences, and even hosting procedures that are designed to train and counselor thousands of participants who aim to realize their potential as promising entrepreneurs. Additionally, he has recently launched his own talk show, “Success TV,” on CNBC and hosted by Forbes Riley. So far, he has simply written two books, both of which are best-sellers. “Fast Track to Commissions: Your Step by Step Guide to Online Profits” and “Social Media Profits from Your Home” are currently available on TV and can soon be purchased through his website.

Adrian has certainly have accomplished despite his young age and he is more than appreciative of what he has achieved. To give back, Adrian and elder brother Anthony set up a charitable organization that aims to meet kids smile in the holidays. Christmas For Us was set-up by the Morrison brothers to help disadvantaged kids in the Christmas season. It’s a non-profit organization that requires no monetary donations since funding comes from both Anthony and Adrian’s own pockets; in fact, what the organization really needs are volunteers. They cheer new public to be involved and give back to those who are less fortunate. "Sometimes giving simply your schedule can really generate another person smile," according to the website. Indeed, Adrian believes that “Time is the most valuable thing of all,” and so all volunteers have to complete is shop for the kids and distribute the gifts on Christmas Day.

Additionally, Adrian also holds weekly contests on his Facebook page everywhere he gives away $100 to timely winners, plus a boundless copy of his report. Fans can join simply by sharing the record he posts, clicking the “Like” on his fanpage, and commenting on his video. Adrian has many plans for 2013, all of which plan to help persons start up their own Internet marketing business.

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Adrian Morrison is a well known Internet Marketer, Business consultant and publisher. To get more information about Adrian Morrison >>>

Adrian C Morrison (born November, 14, 1984) is an American entrepreneur, investor businessman, self-help author and motivational speaker. He has written over 2 books which have combined sales of over 100,000 copies.

Life and Career

Morrison was born and raised in Madison. He attended a small private school and then went on to the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS where he was a Pre-Law Major. While attending college Adrian saw his brother have massive success with Internet Marketing and decided to explore it himself.

At the age of 22 he launched his first Internet website... This experience encouraged him into continuing creating many more websites and businesses online. His success has made him one of the most sought after and highly paid speakers on Internet Marketing in the country.

After his successes both in the speaking world and on the Internet Morrison decided to write his first books in 2012 "Social Media Profits From Home" and “Fast Track To Commissions”. These books have been featured on national television by Success TV.

At the age of 28 Adrian was engaged to his girlfriend of 10 years.

Media Appearances

Adrian Morrison has appeared in many local newspapers for his success online as well as his charitable donations and willingness to help underprivileged children.

Currently Adrian Morrison constantly updates content on his blog and YouTube channel …

You can also catch Adrian on television on the show Success TV where he talks about the two books he's written as well as his success online.


For the last 4 years Adrian Morrison has taught people from many different backgrounds how to do Internet marketing. He's taught people search engine and social media marketing with the ultimate goal of teaching a person how to grow their business and thus achieving financial independence.