Polymer adsorption has gained worldwide attention in recent years. Sophisticated techniques are being developed and numerous polymers are being introduced in the study of polymer adsorption to achieve better effects more efficiently. Considering this, on July 28, Alfa Chemistry announces to supply multiple choices of adsorptive polymers that could be used in many applications including: biomedical, structural, coatings, environmental and petroleum research.

Adsorption is considered to be one of the most promising techniques for decontamination cleaning. This technique has proved to be effective not only in liquid phase for the decontamination of wastewaters from various pollutants such as pesticides, herbicides, dyes and heavy metals, but also in gas phase for the binding or capture of environmental gases such as COx, NOx, and SOx.

“Although many types of absorbents can be used in adsorption, polymeric-based adsorbents have the biggest potentials and are most welcomed. They have modifiable functional groups in their chemical structure, so before use in adsorption they can easily be modified via methods like grafting and cross-linking reactions,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “After modification, polymers or polymeric derivatives with superior properties are formed. They have enhanced adsorption capacity and better resistance under extreme media conditions.”

Diffusion, attachment, and rearrangement are three steps in polymer adsorption. Generally, strong adsorption takes place when the interaction between the solvent and the polymer is weak. In most cases, polymers that have higher-molecular-weight, larger surface-to-volume ratio and higher density are favored compared with polymers with lower molecular weight, smaller surface-to-volume ratio and lower density.

At Alfa Chemistry, hundreds of adsorptive polymers are provided to better assist researchers’ R&D work related to adsorption. Some of the best-selling products are listed here: Oil Removal Resin, Macroporous Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin, Acrylic Acid Series Weakly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin, Extra-Uniform Size Gel Type Strongly Basic Anion Ion Exchange Resin, Gel Type Strongly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin,Macroporous Acrylic Acid Series Weakly Acidic Cation Exchange Resin, Strong Basic Type Ⅱstyrene Series Anion Exchange Resin, Styrene Series Nonpolar Resin, Boron Removing Resin, Catalyst Resin, Fluorine Remove Ion Exchange Resin, Powder Anion Ion Exchange Resin, Styrene Anion Exchange Resin, etc.

More information about Alfa Chemistry’s offerings of adsorptive polymer products can be found at https://functional-polymers.alfa-chemistry.com/products/adsorptive-polym....

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