Education is all about trying to provide the necessary skills which will guide a person throughout a fulfilling life. Academic subjects are definitely important, but there are various other areas which make a person complete too. At the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Avenel, New Jersey, these concepts are considered to be very important.
The Center is basically a specialized facility, run under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Department of Corrections. It is ranked as an alternative school for the purposes of the educational system. The goal is essentially to help the convicts deal with life, learn new skills and try to make a better lifestyle for themselves once they get rehabilitated and released. In fact, these persons are sex offenders, and therefore the treatment they require needs to be very specialized. Some offenders are compulsive and repetitive sex offenders, and as such the situation is more delicate and requires utmost attention, especially with regards to the psychological aspect.


The Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center is composed of experienced staff who can provide support to the convicts, in the hope of making them lead a better life in the future. There are teachers and psychologists who do their best to achieve rehabilitation and treatment goals, while making the inmates focus on more positive and promising futures.
The teacher to student ratio is very small, practically set to a teacher for every three students. This obviously helps to give each person individualized attention, and be in a better position to focus on particular problems and needs.

The Center runs a number of specialized programs which are intended to benefit the convicts, and ultimately society in general in the long run.
Post-release treatment services are also offered, so as to help the positive objectives achieved during the rehabilitation period to be imprinted on their minds and serve a purpose in real life. There are also relapse prevention programs which help to consolidate these needs, while keeping an eye on the way of life that the released persons are leading. This also helps to obtain an idea of the success of the work done while they were at the Center, and to make amendments for better results in present offenders.

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The Adult Diagnostic Center is an alternative school which caters for the needs of sex convicts, while trying to rehabilitate them to be better citizens. Due to the average age of the students it can be found under the Secondary School Directory.