It’s been quite a long time bifolding doors were introduced, since then many modifications were made by different bifolds specialists. Today, you can find several different types of bifolds with different attractive features to meet your every need and excel them. Here is the list of advance features of bifolds you can find in Melbourne furniture shops.

Bifolds doors that folds both inward and outward: Some stores still have doors that open either of the sides, i.e. inward or outward. However, many stores are now advance enough to provide you the door that can be opened on both the sides. This is advantageous as you can choose the bifold opening configuration as per your choice. You don’t need to compromise with inconvenient and restrictive bifolds if you are running out of space. So choose any door that opens inwards or outwards, left, right or even split doors opening both ways.

Secured folding door hinges: Mostly, many manufacturers use large sized external hinges which is covered with plastic in order to hide the screws. But, this is risky from security point of view and is also unattractive and disturbs bifold doors ‘neatness. This has been rectified in advance models by using black hinges that blends in with the gaskets. Also these hinges are secured to restrict the pin from being removed from the hinges.

Bifolds that are thermally broken: These days, bifold specialists are concentrating in manufacturing thermally broken folding doors to prevent the loss of heat loss. This feature makes them more energy efficient than standard bifold doors because user do not have to use heater for longer. Additionally, it is feature lengthens its life span as it reduces condensation buildup.

Hidden running tracks of the doors

Modern bifolds are water-tight and offer greater accessibility to the wheelchair users by reducing the risk of accidents from tripping. Door’s running gear is concealed within the flush running tracks, making the bifolding doors largely difficult to lift off their tracks even using a crow bar. This is another way of providing extra security and protection.

Thicker bifolds than the standard

Increased thickness of aluminium bifolding doors provides peace of mind as your door is now more strong, durable and secured. The thicker layer also provides more resistance to denting, making them appropriate for heavy duty required in commercial properties.

When you are planning to install bifolds then why to go for old fashioned folding door models when you already have option for strong, secured and high end bifolding doors? Look for these features while buying these doors and get relaxed for the rest of your life.

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