The manufacturing process is quite complex where every tool or equipment is equally critical and important. As a business owner, you need to make a continuous investment in new technology and machines. In cutting and grinding machines, you have new and improved machines that make a significant improvement in the quality of products.

Multitasking equipment in the cutting technology combines electrical-discharge and conventional grinding to speed up the process and quality. Erosion machines are six-axis machines that work on the rotary disk erosion method. Due to an effective and simultaneous A-Axis and E-Axis rotation, they position rotary electrode and cutting tools at the right place.

Why is a multitasking machine effective in producing diamond tools?

Diamond tools require very high levels of perfection and precision. It is the reason; machines that produce diamond cutting tools are very expensive. Companies don’t mind investing hefty money in them because the product quality is beyond comparison. If you think about a six-axis machine which combines the conventional profile grinding with a top-class rotary disc erosion process with a non-contacting property, then the final product is classy and flawless. This machine has the capability of eroding the diamond cutting edges of a tool in the most accurate geometries.

The use of high-precision copper and tungsten rotary electrode and automatic swapping of the electrode is the reason for its perfection. Moreover, the speed of quickly grinding secondary clearance behind the diamond can be controlled.

Design and specs of typical Erosion machines

In this machine, 30 degrees B-axis rotation is possible for changing the orientation of the tool. E-axis rotation of 330 degrees angles the grinding wheel or electrode disk. It is an intelligent machine with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and a menu-driven for quick programming. Since it uses a six-station tool changer, storing, and automatically changing a wheel pack is possible. It supports a wide range of electrodes and grinding wheels.
Since all operations are combined in one setup, the speed of operations increases manifold. Also, you achieve good sharpening of existing tools and improved quality of clearance surface. It results in less material adherence to the tools when you perform cutting operations. Advanced electrical discharge technology helps in manufacturing high-precision diamond tools.
Enhanced quality Erosion machines are important for improving the production quality of diamond cutting tools. Though there is an initial investment required, the production benefits achieved are more than you expect. Seek the help of product suppliers who can provide guidance for acquiring the right kind of machine.
The erosion machines are essential equipment in industries. They are used for a gamut of industrial operations.

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Whether the automotive, aviation, or aerospace industry, furniture manufacture, or the production of cell phones: It's all down to the right tools. Machining materials such as aluminum, magnesium, or MMX often require complex tool geometries with the maximum surface quality. A sophisticated, reliable, and highly-efficient sharpening and grinding process is therefore the basic prerequisite for all successful tool manufacturing.