There are primarily two methods are applied in the hair restoration surgery, namely, the FUT hair transplants and the FUE hair transplant helps in obtaining or extracting the grafts from the safe donor part of the scalp. There is a core significant role of the extraction process in the hair transplant surgery that helps in getting the desired number of hair roots to fulfill the restoration demand of the surgery. The hair transplant in Delhi comes between the topmost destination choices in India that helps a patient to avail the affordable hair transplant cost in Delhi. However, it is important to know where it should be done and which one is the topmost centre in Delhi to receive the restoration procedure done with the best cosmetic effect of the surgery. Therefore, choosing the hair transplant centre or clinic comes among the most worthy work while choosing the procedure as a final option to treat the issue of pattern baldness.

What are the most considerable Factors while choosing the best Hair Transplant Centers as follows?
1. The Pioneer Hair Transplant Surgeon: First of all, we must consider the aspect of the best hair transplant surgeon as the surgical restoration success is wholly and solely decided by the surgeon’s work. The aesthetic part of the surgery that is the core competency of a surgeon helps in performing the best natural hairline design, slit formation, and the best aesthetic implantation that helps in achieving the natural outcomes of the hair transplant procedure. If a clinic is run by the pioneer surgeon must be considered first for receiving the treatment. The surgeon must have international recognition and proficiency in performing the surgical restoration of hair.
2. The Reputed Hair Transplant Clinic: This is one of the prime considerations in the hair transplant surgeries that which one would be the best clinic and thus a thorough analysis is mandatory in order to measure the clinical recognition and reputation. One must check the international hair restoration societies and forums and see the clinic presence if there. The respected clinic must possess the international membership that sets them apart from the rest of other clinics.
3. The Methods/techniques employed for the Procedure: It is also an important factor to check which method or technique of the hair restoration is applied by the clinic. If a clinic offers only one technique and emphasizes only a single method for the hair restoration means they won’t be fair in dealing the surgical method as the selection of technique to perform the surgery is wholly and solely patient’s dependent. This is needed to perform the primary evaluation in order to identify the actual status of the bald areas, donor condition as well as the overall scalp status to decide the particular technique to perform the hair transplant surgery. So, choose only those clinics having specialization in both the techniques of hair restoration. And, if a clinic offers also the dual method of the surgery, i.e., FUT+FUE hair transplant surgery must be considered first while you are selecting the destination to receive the hair transplant surgery.

Why Advanced FUT+FUE Hair Transplant for Men in Pattern Baldness?
The advanced FUT+FUE hair transplant is performed when someone is affected by an extremely high grade of baldness. When genetic baldness/Androgenic alopecia affects overall scalp areas, except the back and sides of the scalp; the only method that can fulfill the restoration demand of the surgery is the combined method of FUT+FUE hair transplant. It is needed that the performing surgeon must have proficiency in both the techniques in order to offer the desired outcome of the procedure.

The Benefits of FUT+FUE Hair Transplant:
1. The Maximum Coverage: This is the combined technique of the hair transplants that can cover the highest baldness grade with a maximum number of grafts as it is possible to extract a higher number of grafts via the FUT+FUE technique. The grafts are extracted from both the technique and a surgeon gets able to extract over 4000 grafts in a single session that successfully sort out the issue of the higher grade of Norwood baldness.
2. The High-density: The high-density hair transplant needs an extremely high number of grafts to cover the respective areas of baldness with full of hair grafts. Thus, it is possible to perform the high-density hair transplant with the combined method of the FUT+FUE hair transplant.
3. The higher Norwood Grade of Baldness: If a patient is affected by an extremely bigger grade of Norwood baldness, i.e., the grade above than V or VI, it is recommended to perform the combined technique of FUT+FUE hair transplant.
Nowadays, the recognized hair transplant clinic performs the advanced FUT+FUE hair transplant followed by the PRP injection that helps in promoting the growth of hair, increased the faster healing process as well as promote the thickness of hair.

On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant performed by the FUT+FUE hair transplant is employed in the particular hair loss cases or when someone needs the best aesthetic goal in terms of the high-density, better coverage and a head full of hair just in a single sitting.

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