Foreign trade industry and service industry developed well in coastal cities, which urged more advanced logistics services to assist.

Traditional logistic service gave us an impression that it can only collect and dispatch goods, which was very simple.

Modern logistic companies can provide more value-added service, such as packing or online follow-up service.

In first tier cities, some large factory or large import or export companies may have requirement on high efficient and accurate logistic service, which should provide good platform for suppliers, logistics or buyers to interact well with each other, especially for those who may deliver some 10,000 cubic meters of materials.

Building a rational logistics network is crucial to manufacturing and trade industries and the logistics center is the key part of the whole process.

Scientific logistic center can operate at high efficiency, since every minute can be counted on.

Modern logistics should cover more transportation means, including trucks, trains, ferry and Courier etc. Modern logistics should cover more cities besides those first-tier cities.

Now e-business is booming in China and e-business goods delivery is processed by logistic companies and delivery fees can be paid by either party of buyer or seller.

IBUonline is a B2B foreign trade platform, which has been cooperating with some large mainland logistic companies on the mainland, which is very convenient for those who are not experienced in foreign trade processes.

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