Order Management System it is a computer software system that helps companies in the entry and processing of orders. Especially relevant in the case of organizations that deal with multiple orders on an hourly basis, an efficient OMS in most cases forms its central nervous system. Using the rich insights gained from interacting with customers over the years, Phykon has developed one of the best OM Systems or best order management system in the market.
The manufacturing and transportation industry is one with very high logistical expenses. Not only does this hamper business profitability, but if not handled well, supply chain and logistics management could become a time consuming affair that drastically reduces efficiency. The client was a US-based supplier of quality eye health products with global business divisions in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
The client wanted to automate the existing manual supply chain process and improve efficiency using an Automation Assisted Customer Service Solution. It was to be used for planning dispatches and calculate the cost of delivery. The solution was also required to work in synchronization with the various legacy support systems and track the dispatch orders in real-time.

The Challenges
Implementing synchronization between the application and legacy systems
Automating and segregating data spread across various courier dispatch companies
Delivering an easy and intuitive interface for management to facilitate decision making
Track shipped couriers in real-time

The Solution
Our team designed a customized application for automating the entire supply chain and logistics process. Our in-house server was used to manage the invoices from the legacy system and the application database for better planning of dispatch.

The application enabled the enterprise user to select the courier company and automatically calculate the cost of dispatch considering various government rules and regulations. It also stored the invoice number and updated the client in order to facilitate real-time tracking. The solution also provides intuitive reports for better analysis.

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