There are different kinds of treatment of acne are available but the treatment of acne will give results only when the oil production is reduced, skin cell turnover gets speed, fights bacteria causing infection and can reduce the inflammation on the skin. Even after the use of the best medicines you may not get the results after one or two months as the skin diseases treatment and acne treatment is a time taking process.

The acne treatment consists of the following types of treatment:

Over the counter topical treatments: There are various over the counter medicines that can be applied topically or have to be taken orally. These medicines are effective for the treatment of mild acne only. Some common side effects of these ointments are irritation on the skin, dryness, flaking of skin etc.

Prescribed topical treatments: Some of the topical treatments that are prescribed by the dermatologist's help to cure acne if over the counter treatments have not proved effective. The topical products include Tretinoin (Avita, Retin-A, others), adapalene (Differin) and tazarotene that promotes the cell turnover and prevents the connection from the hair follicles. Some topical antibiotics are also available that keeps a check on the growth of the bacteria. Usually, a combination of such medicines is given. It may cause some side effects like stinging, burning, redness or peeling of the skin.

Antibiotics: If the acne vulgaris is moderate to severe then you may need to take some oral antibiotics as it will fight with the bacteria causing acne and inflammation. Now days the resistance to oral antibiotics has increased in people. So the doctors recommend to discontinue the use of antibiotics as soon as the acne gets cleared from the face. Some antibiotics have side effects like dizziness, stomach disorder or changes in the color of skin which may lead to other types of skin diseases.

Laser and light therapy: Laser and light therapy are used where there is a need to go deep into the skin layers without causing any harm to the outer skin. In this treatment the laser is used to injure the sebaceous glands so that oil is produced in less quantity through them which is the main reason behind the acne and pimple. This method is used for acne and pimple cure, to improve the skin texture and remove the scars of the acne. However this therapy is advised only for people who have allergies to topical gels and antibiotics. The laser and light therapy is a costly affair and can be done by surgeons with the help of laser machines.

Cosmetic procedures: Cosmetic procedures like chemical peeling and Microdermabrasion were used initially for the treatment of fine lines, skin diseases, sun damage or facial scars but now they are also used for the of acne and pimple cure. Though this is a good method to get rid of acne but it may give way to other skin diseases, blistering and skin discoloration. These procedures are also expensive and can be carried out in especial centers having proper machines.

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