Waterproofing products are developing every day. There are systems like Brickbat Coba in use for more than 60 years.
Advanced Waterproofing Techniques of Concrete Structures:

Waterproofing products are developing every day. There are systems like Brick bat coba in use for more than 60 years. At the same time, new products are developed continuously and added to market. The recent trend is to avoid bulky – heavy treatments like brickbat coba. The aim is to avoid load on structure and save efforts on breaking. This has given rise to adding different membranes which are improvised over existing membrane techniques.

These include:-
E P D M (Rubber) membrane
PVC membrane
Loosely laid membranes
Chemically reactive treatments
E. P.D.M. membrane
What is E.P.D.M. membrane? The full name is Ethylene Propylene Dien Monomer. This is a kind of Rubber. The rubber membrane is better than Bitumen / Tar based membrane in following respects:-
Temperature sensitivity – They are not sensitive like Bitumen, which softens during summer months.
Chemical resistance – Bitumen membranes are sensitive to acids present in bird droppings. Rubber has better resistance to acids.
Longevity – The rubber is having better longevity due to improved temperature and chemical resistance.
The E.P.D.M. membranes are used widely over terrace. However, it requires protection from mechanical damage like tearing due to sharp objects. This protection is provided by the concrete screed. The EPDM membrane is bonded to base by rubber solution.

Loosely laid membrane: PVC Membrane
These are normally loosely laid over a base. The membranes are factory made and supplied in roll form. The PVC is sensitive to Ultra Violate rays and hence normally not used on terrace. It is used in underground structure like basements, water tanks etc. The base is prepared by laying P.C.C. Pipes are fixed at regular intervals. The membrane is then laid over the P.C.C. The pipes are allowed to penetrate through the membrane. The raft concrete is then laid over the membrane. The pipes are passed through raft.
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