A lot of Business Owners can enjoy the benefits of business coaching. The important point is to make certain you are engaging with a Business Coach so that you can identify the bits of your business to work on.

Most people actually have a pretty good business, it's just the small bits that can be easily fixed once they have identified exactly what they are.

Many business owners for example, have a very low level of knowledge your business coach has in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, growing your email lists and effectively marketing your business will clearly have an effect in the results you get.

It is very important that you decide on a business coach that recognises the sort of advice and support that you need. Many of my clients start off for example, having no time, not enough customers and can't make ends meet.

Getting their life back is usually their number two priority, right after actually being able to get enough income to do so !

I tend to find that most of the issues your business face are the same as every other business. You need to understand how to market your business, you need a focus on customer service, and you need to know how to control your costs.

But it's the actual 'doing' of the business that prevents business owners from taking the right action to actually grow their business.

Only this morning did a potential client say "im ok for now because i'm busy thanks" - no doubt will coming knocking again when they're not so busy, ah - but then can't afford the coaching. How many businesses go round this roller coaster eh ?

You can make sure the Business Coach you use has the experience in to understand what the problems your business is facing actually are, and can give you advice that will help you to move your business forward.

I've seen Life Coaches try and do business coaching, and whilst on some level they may have a level of success in removing some limiting belief systems you may have, they know nothing about Business Systems Processes, and the largest income they've ever earned is the 30k a year from coaching, rather than dealing with hundreds of thousands of pounds of revenues from a 'proper business' (yep - controversial or what !)

With a combination of one to one business coaching, peer to peer mastermind group meetings and an online portal of useful content targeted to help business owners, our Business Coaching helps CEOs and Entrepreneurs get different perspectives for their business issues and opportunities, and enables them to grow their business quickly.

How quickly is dependent on how much effort the business owner wants to put in, and how much they listen to outside help of course.

For many people, getting a coach can be a daunting task, I know, because it was for me the first time I got my coach in place.

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Daniel Latto is a Business Coach based in Leeds. He runs training courses on SEO and Social Media, along with helping business owners make the most of their business.