Cardboard or corrugated boxes are the most widely used packaging option around the globe. Right from the most fragile item to the heaviest product, everything is packaged and transported by using these cardboard or corrugated boxes. Though too much usage of paper is said to be harmful to the environment, even the most eco-friendly companies use corrugated boxes to ship their product. This is because of the advantage that this packaging has to offer to you!

Corrugated Boxes are Eco-friendly

These are the times where we also have to consider our planet before choosing something. Everyone is being cautious to not harm the planet anymore but you might wonder why even the most eco-friendly companies use cardboards. That's because they are made out of mostly recycled paper and other materials. Old newspapers, scraps are collected locally and recycled to form a corrugated box. Also, these boxes are often reused.

Since there are no bleach or dye involved in the process, these boxes are sometimes even made of 100% recycled products. Thus reducing the carbon footprint of the planet! You can't find a better eco-friendly packaging that this!

Corrugated Boxes are high in Strength & Less in Light Weight

The corrugated boxes are manufactured in a way to be light in weight and to have greater strength. The corrugated boxes are made with many plys mostly this is in the form of an arched paper design sandwiched between two sheets of paper. The number of plys can be increased to increase the strength of the box. The arched design in the paper is called fluting. These flutes are used not just to improve the strength at impact during shipping but also to reduce the moisture accumulation.

Corrugated Boxes are Cost-Effective

Here comes the most important factor which most of the businesses worry about, the cost! These Cardboard and corrugated boxes are the most cost-effective methods of packaging since they are mostly made out of recycled materials. The best part is, the materials to be recycled are also collected from the local area hence it reduces the transportation cost considerably.

The cardboard and corrugated boxes still rule the packaging industry because of the benefits it has, not just for the environment but also in terms of cost-saving.

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Its high-tech construction ensures the material can carry a wide range of weights, protects against moisture and provides sustainable packaging solutions. Furthermore, corrugated cardboard is highly customizable and very cost-effective.