The digital transformation is changing the processes of attracting talent. Conventional interviews between candidate and company are losing effectiveness. For that reason, organizations are opting for digital recruitment and using applicant tracking system.
Digital recruitment allows you to use the platforms in this environment to contact more specialized potential candidates, saving costs. In addition, it is conceivable to carry out the entire selection process over the Internet. In this way we avoid having to arrange meetings, saving time and money.
At Digital Talent Agency, as experts in talent and digital companies , we believe that digital recruitment is the best way to attract the professional we are looking for. This methodology not only allows you to attract trained workers, but also enhances the visibility of the company. In addition, it facilitates the management of interviews and the generation of conclusions that allow you to decide who to hire.
Many companies take into account the recruitment management system, in addition to the experience of the candidates, their social CV. This personal report exposes the digital life of the individual in question. The presence in social networks, publications and contact networks are part of this social CV. All this generates in the candidates the need to take care of their personal brand on the Internet.
The HR department will investigate whether the potential candidate tends to post about topics related to the available vacancy. If so, the company will be very interested in this professional and will establish contact.
In relation to personal branding, the concept of networking is also gaining many followers. Developing a network of contacts related to the labor issues that interest us will be of great help on a professional level.
Digital recruiting is also the right selection methodology to find passive candidates. It is about attracting the attention of candidates through social networks without the need to publish job offers strictly speaking.
In addition, this process enhances the establishment of trusting relationships between candidates and recruiters. Thus, it is possible to integrate future workers into the company even before they have signed the contract.
Advantages of digital recruitment
1. Time saving. Posting job vacancies on the Internet is a very fast process. You can give visibility to the jobs that are offered both on the company's own website and on third-party job search platforms.
2. Cost reduction. Digital recruitment is much cheaper than traditional. The time required to carry out a recruitment campaign is much less in these cases than when several candidates must be brought together in one physical location. In addition, a correct talent recruitment strategy will allow finding the specific professional profiles that the organization is looking for.
3. Optimize your search. As we said in the previous point, the search for the ideal candidate is facilitated with digital recruitment. Today companies must be proactive in finding the ideal employee. Social media, blogs, and professional platforms like LinkedIn can be crucial for finding experts. There is a lot of undervalued talent whose profile remains on the Internet waiting for some company to explore them. If we want to find someone who is not only good at working but also provides added value, we will need to develop our digital recruitment strategy.
4. Know the candidate. Digital recruitment is based on the relationships that are established between the company and potential candidates before even interviewing them. This allows knowing their abilities and even their personality well in advance.
5. Position the company. Candidates will be much more attracted to a company with a good image than to an unfamiliar organization. Job seekers also do some deep research on what companies offer jobs and what jobs are available. For that reason, if we explain what we need from the potential employee and appear on the networks, it is very likely that they will be interested in our offers.

The digital recruitment generates a lot of advantages over traditional recruitment. The humanization and dynamization of selection processes allows finding the most suitable person for the job. This process has allowed companies to sharpen their aim when it comes to finding professionals.

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