Umrah is not a mandatory act in Islam; still, every Muslim wishes to perform it because everyone wants to visit Allah’s house (the holy Kaaba) once in a lifetime. Although Hajj is mandatory and has more significance than Umrah, these days, performing Hajj is demanding for most people. The expenses of this holy act have become too high; it isn’t possible to achieve by an ordinary person.
So booking the affordable last ashra Umrah package is the best option as it is economical and gives you a reward equivalent to Hajj. Thanks to several travel agents offering Umrah packages at affordable rates with ease. Umrah should be performed in a specific order, just like Hajj. Missing a single step will result in no acceptance of this spiritual deed. It's better to have an idea about all the basic features of Umrah.

Basic Foundations of Umrah

Besides booking the best Umrah package, you should know the steps of doing Umrah. Keep reading; we have demonstrated every detailed step to help you perform Umrah properly.

1. Ihram

The first and foremost step to perform either Hajj or Umrah is to be in Ihram for men and women. Men should cover themselves in two clothing sheets of white colour while women can wear anything that should cover their whole body. Before going for Miqat, one should cover themselves in Ihram. It's not just about covering your body; one must keep several other things in mind. Prohibit yourself from hunting or doing sexual activity and avoid wearing perfume; all such activities are prohibited. Ihram is primarily included if you book the last Ashra Umrah package or any other package.

2. Tawaf

After wearing Ihram and reaching Miqat, it's time to go for Kaaba and start doing Tawaf. It's called the seven circulations you made around the holy Kaaba. It’s the most mandatory act every Muslim must perform during Hajj and Umrah. The literal meaning of Tawaf in Arabic is ‘to wander around’. You need to start doing Tawaf from Hijr e Aswad (Black Stone) and end your Tawaf in the same place. The act of doing Tawaf is to make a more profound connection with Allah, after seeking his help and asking for his mercy.

3. Sa’i

After performing Tawaf, you should start your walk between the Safah and Marwah hills. The literal meaning of Sa’i is the one who strives. So, during Sa’i, ask for Allah’s help and seek refuge from all the struggles of your life. Ask about your daily life problems or anything you want to share with your lord.

4. Tahallul

After completing all of Umrah's necessary rituals, all the men and women must cut their hair. Although women have to cut their hair a little while men have to shave their heads completely. After that, you are free from all the Umrah limitations and your Umrah is considered complete. However, if you have booked the last Ashra Umrah package containing more than one Umrah, you can perform more than one Umrah, and there is no restriction.

Benefits of Booking Last Ashra Umrah Package?

Performing Umrah in Ramadan has many spiritual benefits that positively affect mental health. Also, the Holy Prophet (SAW) said, ‘When the month of Ramadan arrives, go for Umrah as it's like accompanying me on Hajj’.

You might know that every good deed's reward is double in Ramadan. Similarly, performing Umrah in the last Ashra will make your spiritual journey more beneficial and memorable for a lifetime. Also, if you die while performing Umrah in Ramadan, you’ll be rewarded with nothing less than heaven. That’s why millions of Muslims worldwide try to book the last Ashra Umrah package to gain the most by performing this spiritual activity.

Tips to Follow Before Going to Umrah in Ramadan
Although performing Umrah in Ramadan has many benefits, there are specific considerations you need to consider.

Overcrowded Places

Umrah is performed the whole year, but the amount of pilgrims is higher in Ramadan as everyone wants to seek refuge and renounce all negativity in this holy month. So be prepared for the crowded area of Makkah and Medinah and keep yourself physically and mentally strong.

Keep Young Children at Home

Letting your children perform the Umrah is an excellent gesture, but it would be hectic and challenging to keep your children with you and simultaneously perform Umrah. As discussed already, the places are overcrowded during Ramadan, so it becomes nearly impossible to handle younger kids and perform spiritual activities with your whole heart.

Book Hotels and Flights in Advance

As everyone tries to get maximum benefit in this holy month, there are probably chances that you couldn’t get the flight booking on time. It's better to make bookings and ensure that your last Ashra Umrah package contains all the facilities.

Keep Your Family in Safe Hands

Performing Umrah is the best spiritual deed, but that doesn't mean you should ignore your family for it. While going to Umrah, ensure your family is safe and cared for. This will give you mental peace; you can focus on Umrah rather than keep thinking about your family with Muslims Holy Travel.

Final Words

You would know about the rituals necessary to perform and the benefits you get in the last Ashra Umrah. Still, if you are going to Umrah for the first time, it's better to take advice from a scholar for better guidance. This will help you know about the Umrah rituals and dos and don’ts. Plan your Umrah trip accordingly and make the most of it.

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This will help you know about the Umrah rituals and dos and don’ts. Plan your Umrah trip accordingly and make the most of it.