At the rate at which the Internet and eCommerce industry is growing, we do not even realize how far we have come in the advancement of technology. This has raised the expectations of rational consumers, and this is the reason why eStores have started offering customization to give more options in the range of products they have to increase their conversion rates. Customers who are competent with customization options are more likely to buy that product. Considering that customization is a crucial factor, you can take its advantage to upscale the business. It is possible to track the tastes and preferences of the consumer. You can use this data to offer efficient and advanced customization and personalization services on eStore.

This help can be obtained with product customization. This is why it has now become an excellent weapon for various brands. If the users are getting the benefit, then there is a possibility of sharing more information. In addition, it has also been said that over buyers prefer to shop with a website that is offering customization as an option.

Merits of customized products-

1. Higher Price: Buyers are ready to pay higher when they find the product unique, and customization is one such solution which you can make USP of your business. Giving them the advanced options of personalization will help you in enhancing your revenue growth with ease.

2. Potential customer base: The customer repeats the order by themselves when they see that they receive unique customization benefits every time. By optimizing a website through software, integration can bring more customers to the website as they feel more valued and connected. They will stay with you for a long time and can also do word of mouth marketing. It gives a higher impact on sales.

3. Smooth Marketing: It is essential that enterprises should utilize customization software for brand creation. People attract towards latest and unique offerings, and you can reap the benefits by doing the marketing of trending offerings. For each customized products, end-users who are buying the products in the end, they will endorse it if they like it. Understanding the customer and their need is essential as it will lead to making you offer as per their requirement.

4. Better online presence: Creating a robust online presence and achieving higher rankings in searches is a better way to ensure business. Personalization takes the initiative to increase footfall. When you ensure that what they want, where they want, you will start offering as per that and it will help in making a robust online presence with the help of better SEO ranking. Offering custom products will definitely give direct and indirect benefits in the long run, like reduction in overhead costs, introducing new avenues and pipelines for sales, fewer consumer complaints, and highly satisfied customers.

Help develop a customized product with product design software-
According to the above facts and inputs, it is important to offer individual products to increase the conversion rate. So, the next part is to see how to proceed with it. This product customization software will play a vital role here in it. The software leverages product customization services for individual products and prints on shirts, suits, and other similar demands. In addition, it can also customize products such as bags, shoes, etc.

The critical and essential factor in choosing software is that it should be easy to integrate with the current website platform. This is where it stands tall in the competition. It is a solution that integrates with the existing database without any burden on your existing platform.

Other specific features:-
• Higher flexibility and personalized options.
• Better engagement with the customers.
• It comes with the Omni-channel model that helps in the smooth working of a solution on any device.
• Better print results with any files like PDF, PNG, and SVG.
• Smoother backend access.
• Automatic system and warning updates.

For ensuring sales growth and enhancing the traffic, it is necessary that eStores should start offering personalized products through product configurator. It is one of the robust software for staying competitive in the tech-driven era. Its end to end features open the door of opportunities for growth of the manufacturers and help them stay updated in this highly competitive market. iDesigniBuy in this segment offers robust high-end software having advanced and robust features. We provide assistance that allows the enterprises to understand their actual requirement and the need so that they can get accurate delivery of the software. Email us at
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Vivek Ghai has over 18 years of experience in software services industry. He is the founder of a software company specializing in web and mobile application development. He has hands-on experience in operations, digital marketing and business development in the technology industry. He advises start-ups and also is a technical co-founder for few of them.