Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, as a peer-to-peer network and digital currency. Since then, it has seen significant jumps in its value and has been a popular option for investors, yielding significant returns. Although, those returns might have halted a bit in the last few months, it remains a popular and convenient way to make payments for a lot of people around the world.
Bitcoin is based on the block-chain technology which provides for a decentralized structure, where no government or bank is involved. This has resulted in minimal transaction fees, saving users a significant amount of money. It has also been lauded for being more secure, as for Bitcoin to be validated, it needs the consensus of multiple users within the network. This means that hackers have found it nearly impossible to carry out any attacks or alter the records of any transaction. There are other uses to Bitcoin such as its utilization in the digital trading of securities, or trading lands and other properties, sometimes for insurance claims, as well as settlements between finance companies.

As far as the production side is concerned, Bitcoins are created by ‘mining’, which is accomplished through complex mathematical algorithms. However, many people buy Bitcoinsas well, by exchanging it for paper currency and storing them in Bitcoin wallets. They have thus become, a convenient way to make payments online owing to the advantages it provides. Some of these advantages are mentioned below:

The benefit of anonymity

One of the great advantages of Bitcoin is the ability to make payments anonymously. A payment is not associated with your personal identity, unless you want to of course, then you can disclose it. However, if a user wishes to keep his identity secret, a transaction cannot be traced back to him.

No tax on purchases
Owing to the secret nature of these transactions in Bitcoin, there is not much a third party can do to track the identity of the user. This means that any purchases a user makes using Bitcoin, will not result in any additional sales taxes. This is something a lot of people do not agree with, when making purchases with the more conventional means and thus, Bitcoin provides this added advantage.

Significantly reduced transaction fees
Another huge advantage to payments made through Bitcoin, is the significantly lower transaction fees that users have deducted. Since Bitcoin is decentralized and an intermediary party, such as a bank, is not involved, it results in no additional charges are required. This has been a huge advantage to travelers as well, who have a lot of amount of their money deducted because of transaction fees in currency exchanges.

The ability to make payments from anywhere
Similar to online payment systems, Bitcoin transactions can be made from any place that has internet access. Like credit cards, you do not need to go to a store or a bank to make a payment. However, what credit cards do not offer is the prevention of personal information being disclosed, which the Bitcoin does provide. It also saves the user a lot of time.

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