Everyone might not be blessed with thick lustrous mane and the reasons for that could be many. The most common reasons would be genetics. Other than that stress, medications, certain diseases and an unhealthy lifestyle could also be the reasons for excessive hair fall. This issue not only has an impact on the appearance of the person but also affects their self-esteem. With bald patches and thinning posing as serious threats to your personality and look, technologically advanced methods like Hair Transplant can help you get the desired look.

Understanding Hair Transplant

This is basically a surgical procedure wherein the follicles from the back of the head are relocated to the recipient area. It can be performed on both men and women. Men suffering from male-patterned baldness due to genetics and hormone DHT might opt for this method. Women who experience thinning most commonly due to hormonal changes can opt for the transplant.

Benefits of Transplant

The transplant is being performed successfully since years. It has helped many to get the appearance that they desire. The benefits associated with this are many and listed below are a few of them.

Is a permanent solution

Unlike the holistic remedies or the topic treatments which claim to help you in growing back your hair, Hair Transplant is a permanent solution. Moreover, the results are successful each time. Also, the over-the-counter medicines seem to work only until you continue taking them on a regular basis. As soon as you stop the growth stops too. On the other hand, the technique has been proven to be a safe and guaranteed way of getting back those hairs.

Improves Your Appearance and Self-Esteem

People who experience hair loss begin to remain stressed about their appearance and their self-esteem also gets lowered. A transplant can help the patients and lead to the growth of the hairs in the problematic areas. This, in turn, improves people's self-esteem, appearance and gives them a higher level of confidence. It has been noted that people start to feel better about themselves. This then helps them to have a better outlook on life.

Low Maintenance

Transplanted hair grows just like normal hair and therefore maintaining them is rather easy. It is a one-time process and once it is done you would be done with the ordeal of thinning and bald spots too. Also, transplantation lasts a lifetime so it is definitely a great option to opt for.

Cost Effective

People often think that transplant is an expensive procedure but it is in fact cost-effective. When compared with all the other treatments, you would realize that even though those costs might be rather less but for those, you would have to spend money throughout your life. For instance, when you take over-the-counter drugs, you would have to continue taking it throughout your life for it to keep working. This method is, therefore, a permanent and cost-effective solution. 

Transplantation is definitely the method to opt for if you are looking for a permanent solution. The doctor would do a thorough check-up and let you know which method would be the most suitable for you.

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