Ormus gold can be a great health booster and many of the experiments have shown how it has worked wonders on organisms. The exact extent of healing effect of Ormus cannot yet be pin pointed or specifically told. Research is still going on and there is a lot more to be discovered about this mysterious element.

Source of Ormus Gold:
Many precious metals are found in their M-state or the ORME state. This basically means that the molecules are at high spin, radiating great amount of energy. Because of this reason Ormus is also called monoatomic gold which means that elements in this state will only be one or two atoms. There are lot of complications to prove the properties of Ormus gold and thus scientists are inconclusive on their reports. Ormus as mineral is found in many forms like deposits in the ocean bed, mixed with mountain spring water, soil, air and even in living organisms in a small quantity. There are many fruits and vegetables that contain good amount of edible Ormus gold in them. So it can be extracted from these sources and consumed as a supplement on a daily basis.

Effect on Plants:
As stated earlier sea water is a very good source of Ormus gold and it contain a very good quality of it. Farmers who were unaware of the Ormus element used to have induced little amount of sea water into their fields and then grown crops on it. The harvest was plenty and the quality of the harvest was much better compared to the normally grown crops. When studied the conclusion was that the monatomic gold content made the difference in the produce.

Many experiments have been conducted on plants using various kinds of Ormus induced supplements. The scientists used these fertilizers for one peach plant and the other plant was grown in normal soil. Same kind of nurturing, irrigation and care was provided to both the trees. When they were measured after a year, the tree growing in Ormus induced soil was growing better and healthier. When these trees started giving fruits, the effect of the mysterious element was noticed even more evidently. The peach fruits of the healthy tree were larger, much tastier and even contained more nutrition than usual.

Similar results were seen in experiments done on other plants as well. The fruits of these trees were really larger than their usual size like the lemons were like oranges, oranges as big as a melon and walnuts as big as a baseball and so on. So the fact is very clear that Ormus or monoatomic gold surely boosts the growth in plants and the harvest will surely be plenty.

The scientists are not very sure of how long or how much of this supplement can be used on agriculture. The soil might become too saline and lose its capacity to produce at all. Also one should consider what the effects will be if people start using these highly Ormus induced fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. It would be good if people started using the fruits and vegetables that are natural sources of Ormus instead of artificial supplements and boost their immunity and good health.

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