The advantages of software directory, which provide free solutions to many companies and government agencies are giving a big boost. Thanks to the contribution of the developer communities and small businesses freelance web application, software directory is constantly growing to over sometimes as in the case of the web world of proprietary software market. The services market surrounding the software directory is growing day by day. These are the most important advantages.The low cost of products allow SMEs provide services and expand their infrastructure without showing growth undermined their attempts at not being able to meet the payment of large amounts licenses. Very entrepreneurs choose to start your business using software libre. Now software directory administration is making small incremental changes to set aside commercial software. Most of user talking about using Linux distributions such as Ubuntu instead of Microsoft Windows, and to use Open Office instead of Microsoft Office.

Free to use, distribution and independence of service providers

The existing open source licenses allow the software installation so many times and on as many machines as the user wishes. It also allows the product redistribute by Any person or entity under the same conditions in which public license.One of the business models that generate free software contracting services. This system allows companies that provide the service to compete on equal terms by not owning the product property of giving service. This also causes a shift in the fact that the company receives more attention, as opposed to systems mainly supported by the sale of licenses and customer neglect.

Open source allows the product to grow

The access to the source code allows for the development of new software directory without the need to develop the entire process from scratch.Technological Secrecy is one of the big brakes and development imbalances in the IP model. If the format code is open and we are encouraging more software is created and everyone can access use. More people will develop on that basis and the product grow funcionlidad and security.

The operation and interest whole community quickly proven to solve security bugs in software directory, which unfortunately in proprietary software is more difficult and costly. When notified to the companies that own the software, these initially denied the existence of these errors for image and when they finally admit the existence of these errors take months to provide security patches.

Technical support and product continuity

The proprietary software directory vendor is unfair to the customer, once reached the highest sales of a product can do, does not care that their customers continue with it. The option is to get a new software directory, produce software directory that uses new technologies for this and not only support for the resolution of the previous mistakes, trying to make it obsolete by any means, but it could perfectly suit the needs of most users.

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