Koodee Metal Co, Ltd situated at Guangzhou in China is a market leader in mass production of high quality stainless steel water bottles not only for the country, but for customers worldwide. It has specialized itself in the area of water bottles and have skilled staffs to accomplish in designing, manufacturing processes, quality audit and  controls and advanced 6 S management standards.

The company has more than 500 workers employed in its factory premises and make sure that all water bottles are made from high quality culinary steel that have great strength and durability. You may find more information right here at www.gzkoodee.com so that you may place your bulk order from any country. Many of their products are also made from ABS, Tritan and PP quality steel.

Keeping an Edge over other Competitors

The company has been steadily increasing its production to keep up surging demand of Stainless Steel Water Bottle from clients internationally. In the first place it offers the best products only and therefore keeps a rigid regime of quality control and audit in all areas of production, assembling and packaging.

The objective of the company is to supply water bottles in bulk quantities at very affordable prices. The bottles are single walled, non-insulated types with 18/8 durable stainless steel and are light weight when compared to similar products from competitors. This means that they are right kind of item to take along with you when you go hiking, traveling and sporting activities.

One undisputed fact about this Stainless Steel Water Bottle Factory is that all the bottles undergo strict quality and audit tests in all stages of production.

Longevity of Koodee Water Bottles

Unlike plastic and other materials Koodee water bottles carry no risk. They may be heavier than plastic bottles yet they serve you as it generates no toxic residues when heated or used over a period of time. These bottles are also resistant to rust, corrosion, mold or bacteria. You will never find them reacting to detergents or dish wash powders or liquids. Further, this Stainless Steel Water Bottle is hundred percent recyclable.

It has been seen by experts that stainless steel items are environmental friendly and are sustainable. They do not require landfills or waste resources in large scale and do not pollute the atmosphere. Above all studies have shown that they do not retain smells and flavors like plastic. You wouldn’t find any changes in taste when you drink water from stainless steel bottles even after a decade.

You may also keep water or juice cold or hot in stainless steel bottles for much longer time without posing any risk to your health. You will find them very fresh and therefore stainless steel is considered the best method for refrigeration.

When you purchase stainless steel water bottles from Koodee then you are likely to receive customized bottles as per your needs in wholesale prices. You may therefore order custom shapes, custom colors, custom logos and custom packaging. You may therefore get very good margin when you purchase in bulk for their distribution in your region or country.

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You may find more information right here at www.gzkoodee.com so that you may place your bulk order from any country.