In the buzzing world of digitalization, becoming a driving force serves as the major contribution to the pavement of transforming an idea for every industry. Securing this concept, it is not an easy venture for businesses. They need to maintain mass clients as well as the brand reputation.

There are different challenges in the course of events. Fierce competition, funds and others cause hindrance in the participation in the startup ecosystem. Microsoft recently launched an initiative known as Microsoft Startups. Known as the Bizspark program, it is a $500 million investment by Redmond giant and others. The focus is to create an opportunity for startups. Here they will be able to gain profit through developing and marketing business software products.

Startups face several issues. One of the best ways to commence with the journey is through ASP.NET program and Microsoft for Startups. There is a huge popularity of ASP.NET development for businesses. It offers you real-time benefits for the development of commercial applications which is formulated by certified .NET developers

Before delving into the benefits, here are some of the interesting statistics for ASP.NET Development for businesses.

As per sources of SimilarTech, nearly 17,911,080 websites are developed with ASP.NET framework. There are nearly 10,406,741 unique domains especially for this. Through BuiltWith survey statistical data, nearly 41,304,95 live websites are using ASP.NET in their records.

Thus, ASP.NET development is an ideal business solution for startups in 2019. It offers you with the enhanced solutions for creating different applications. This ranges from complex web applications to simple websites. Apart from this, ASP.NET application follows a consistent, scalable and reliable environment. This further helps in the development of powerful applications.

Benefits of ASP.NET Development in Your Startup

1. Easy Interoperability

In March 2019, Microsoft announced two editions of Windows 10 IoT at the Windows Developer Day event. It helps the developers to build the application for connected IoT devices in a proficient manner. Business owners will be able to gain benefits in association with ASP.NET Development Company.

Interoperability is the best way for such implementation. The most secure process of development with the software with ASP.NET. The open-source SDK suite in the Azure IoT Suite. It offers you enhanced flexibility with advanced security features. Startups will find the best way through this technology.

2. ASP.NET and Azure are interdependent

The future is already implemented with cloud features. Microsoft Azure is appealing to companies to rely on Microsoft platforms. The combination of .NET products in Azure is highly beneficial for startups.

Most of the future-focused business owners will be able to detect an association of ASP.NET with Azure. For instance, asynchronous task management becomes easier with .NET has enhanced with VB and C# programming language.

3. Mobile Development with ASP.NET

Before, application developers struggled in developing mobile applications through .NET. Now, the software has enhanced. With .NET mobile application development, startups will reach a broad base of users. With the use of a single device for the development of user-friendly experience.

For example, the interface of Telerik is developed through .NET. It enabled useful functionalities for enhanced user experience.

4. Safety Assurance

Safety Assurance

ASP.NET offers you a secure and comforting framework due to its enhanced security features. It has the MVC architecture with SoC approach making it easy for the development of scalable applications. It helps in the secure integration of existing applications of your business.

The best aspect of acquiring the attention of startups are diversity and versatility. With high-end performance frameworks like ASP.NET, MVC and Web API, database system's association serves a powerful package. It applies to a myriad of industries.

5. Scalability

.NET is highly scalable and offers fast development peripheral. When you are associating with ASP.NET MVC Development Company, there are assured benefits for time and costing.

6. Higher Consistency

.NET technology is highly optimized for multiple platforms. With the use of .NET for web and mobile development, startups will be able to get hold of advanced accessibility.

7. Secured Platform

Being the most secure web development platform .NET offers the best e-commerce solutions. .NEt technology offers the best fundamentals for securing the gaps.

Not only this, .NET development offers startups in creating different business applications. These include Accounting/bookkeeping systems, Custom CRM, Inventory apps, Logistics and chain management, dynamic website, mobile apps, XML services and also warehouse and storehouse systems.

There are ample stated reasons for the benefit of the .NET development of startups in 2019. It offers you an innovative solution and great strategies for becoming a tough competitor. Not only this, you will have unique brand recognition with competitive benefits. Furthermore, Microsoft .NET development framework offers flexible commercial applications with defined time and budget.

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Manish Patel is a Co-Founder of Concetto Labs, a leading mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. We provide a one stop solution for all IT related services.